Spill Evaluation #1

Spill Online Evaluation #1 – Sept. 9, 2013  Please use complete sentences.  Responses are due by Sept. 14th.

1.  Describe in your own words your current position on The Spill.

2.  In your opinion, what are some ways you could improve your current position on The Spill?

3.  What are some ways we could improve the show overall?

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Scott Webb
AV Production Teacher - Walker Valley High School - Cleveland, Tennessee. Host of the WV SportsZone and The Finish Line on Talk 101.3 The Buzz. Scott is married to Jessica, a 3rd Grade teacher at Charleston Elementary, and has two kids: Megan and Tyler (both WVHS graduates). Contact Scott via email - swebb@bradleyschools.org

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  1. 1. My current position this rotation is host. My job is to do Telepomter, run Telepromter, read annoucnments on the show, and do interviews about events going on at school.
    2. I could improve my position by doing more interviews, making sure the Telepromter is correct before te show begins and doing anything else we might need for the show.
    3. Ways we could improve the show is starting on time and Making sure all things that need to be on the show is exported way before the show starts. Also we could have more interviews about sporting events and school events and having more commercials and doing segments weekly to keep the school interested in the show.

  2. 1. On the spill I am the audio board I make sure people cam be heard though the whole school. If I don’t pay attention then the whole school doesn’t hear the announcements
    2. I can improve by getting people ready by testing mics quicker and make sure everything is ready to go by 9:30 and imported to the tricaster.
    3. In my opinion I think the weather could be longer and add more stuff and flash and fluff to make people watch the spill more than they do now.

  3. 1. My rotation on the Spill was the commercial break. I was in charge of putting together an exciting commercial which includes the word of the day and a commercial made by myself or fellow Spill cast members.

    2. I feel as though I could improve my position on the Spill by including a few more commercials or segments in order to make the break longer.

    3. In my opinion, the overall show could be better if each job was done a few minutes before what it is now. This would leave room for mic tests and the hosts could read over the teleprompter before going on the air.

  4. 1. I am doing shout out Friday in the spill. on Fridays at the end of the week I interview 10 to 15 people on shout outs.
    2.i can improve by getting ready for my 10 to 15 people ready so I don’t waste time to get ready at the last minute
    3.get ready early and have every camera ready to go in the morning. make sure everyone is ready by 9:30

  5. 1. My job was a main host. I had to help write teleprompter and make sure that it ran smoothly during the show.
    2. I could have improved by actually hosting, and getting interviews instead of just running teleprompter.
    3. A way to improve the show over all would be to help make sure that everything is exported at a certain time to make it less stressful.

  6. William Dickinson | September 19, 2013 at 11:55 am | Reply

    1.My job was directing and editing Shout out Friday.

    2.Getting the shots done quicker and editing the footage ASAP.

    3.B-roll footage in interviews, more use of lower thirds and on screen effects.

  7. chandler jenkins | September 23, 2013 at 7:39 am | Reply

    1. my job was the sports host the past two weeks. I got all the sports scores for walker valley, and made any important announcements
    2. I could improve the way I word things and I could have done more interviews.
    3. a way to improve the show as itself is to start exporting before we get ready to start the show and start on time.

  8. 1. Describe in your own words your current position on The Spill.
    This rotation, I chose to do Weather. I go onto the WRCBTV website and retrieve the latest weather information for our area.

    2. In your opinion, why did you select this particular position for this rotation? Please be honest.
    I chose this position because I had stated earlier in the week that I would like to have Shout Out Friday and Weekly Rewind as my next position, but Will decided that he would really enjoy having it more than I.

    3. What are some ways we could improve your current position?
    I think it would be really cool to have me wear all green, that way my face could just float around a tell the weather.

    4. What are some ways we could improve the show overall?
    I think we should have more commercials.

  9. Sarah Kate Harris | October 4, 2013 at 7:36 am | Reply

    1. This rotation, I did Host. Putting announcements, weather, and sports into the teleprompter. And then I read the announcements!

    2. Well, honestly it was the last thing on the sign up sheet. I do enjoy doing it though so no worries!!

    3. Just being a little more prepared.

    4. More Commercials, a coffee machine, more smiles.

  10. 1. My job this time was being host. You get to say all the announcements on the tv.

    2. I like being host because I like to talk and its fun. And it helps improve the way you speak in front of an audience.

    3. I guess we could improve by maybe getting some more interviews.

    4. I think everyone should have everything exported by 9:30 and everything would be more under control.

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