Homecoming In Review

A new feature to The Spill Blog site will be bi-weekly articles written by the host of The Spill for that rotation.  Here are the first edition of articles:

This rotation I was a host, this means a lot of responsibility and multiple jobs. One of the things I did this week for Homecoming week was make a short segment each day of the students dressed up at Walker Valley. Monday was America Day, Tuesday was Character Day, Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday, Thursday was Pirate Day, and Friday was Spirit/Walker Valley Day. Each day during Homecoming week, me and Tayler would go out throughout the school, and shoot video of kids dressed up each day. We would get about a minute of footage, then come back into the studio and edit it to show on the show daily depending on the dress-up day. This got a variety of kids each day on the Spill, and showed the students how other students were dressed for the day. We added music and this was at the beginning of the announcements each day for the week.

Also this rotation Tayler and I did an interview with a representative of Family Promise of Bradley County. This interview was about the organization and what Walker Valley was doing to help the organization out. We talked about how the organization began, and what they did to help people in Bradley County. Family Promise helps people of Bradley County locate jobs, helped with housing and food. Walker Valley helped by doing a donation for 2 weeks in each class as a competition. The class with the most money collected will receive a pizza party. The interview also discussed Family Promise’s Bed Race. It is a fundraiser for them that takes place in the community yearly. The Bed Race is exactly as it sounds; racing beds down the street against other youth groups, companies, and families. This takes place in the Cleveland park downtown in October.  – Ashlyn Williams – Senior

Starting September 9th, Homecoming day will begin. Throughout Homecoming week students will dress up in a different category every day. It is very enjoyable for the students to be able to dress up and have a good fun week with their friends. Monday is Merica’ Day, Tuesday is Character Day, Wednesday is Wacky Tacky Day, Thursday is Pirate Day, and Friday is Spirit Day.

Merica’ Monday is a day that Walker Valley has participated in for the past few years. Students are very patriotic and always get extremely involved. Kids will stunt their camo and American flags all day long.

Tuesday is Character Day. Students will dress up as their favorite actor, singer, cartoon, or coach. Some kids wear wigs, costumes, and face paint.

Wacky Wednesday has become a tradition at Walker Valley. In my opinion it is the easiest day for all the students to dress up for. You can pretty much just pick out anything in your closet and mix and match it for the perfect Wacky outfit.

Thursday is Pirate Day. This is day that is new to Walker Valley. Students dress like pirates.

Spirit Day is a traditional Friday dress up. Kids wear navy and gold to show their school spirit. – Sarah Kate Harris – Junior

As a host I have improved my speaking and social skills. I was nervous my very first time doing the morning news. Reading off of the teleprompter was nerve-wracking at first, but when I started it got better and better as I went. I think homecoming week is a great week filled with entertainment for The Spill. This week was filled with school spirit and excitement, it was homecoming week. We had “Merica Day”, which is a day where students dress up in their red, white, and blue attire, camouflage, and American flags. Tuesday was “Character Day”, where students dress up as any character of their choice. There is always a variety of costumes, masks, face paint, hats, etc. on this day. We had superheroes, cartoon characters, celebrities, along with a lot of other creative ideas. Wednesday was the one and only “Wacky Wednesday”. Wacky Wednesday, the name speaks for itself. Students come in just about anything that day. Striped pants, neon socks, floral shirt, two different shoes, wild hats, tights, and bracelets. Anything you could imagine was there. Thursday was “Pirate Day”, which was something new this year. This was something fun and exciting. Eye patches were a common feature of attire. White ruffled shirts, pirate hats, and boots were the most common pirate outfit ideas. Friday, was “Spirit Day”, the best day of all. Spirit day is when everyone wears their navy and gold. From our own sportswear, cheer bows, dresses, and some wackier versions of the navy and gold attire.

This week for hosts is important because we have opportunities for interviews, videos of the costumes, and it is important to have a positive attitude at all times in this position. On the show smiling and posture are very important to create a relationship with the audience. You have to maintain this throughout every show to keep the audience’s attention. Interviews and going live in front of the entire school is a good way to improve social skills. Speaking to people fluently on the camera while reading off of the teleprompter can be challenging along with making sure to ask the most informational questions during interviews, but you get in the groove very quickly and it becomes a fun experience. Overall being a host has helped me with social skills and just given me the opportunity to express my school spirit even more. – Brooke Humble – Junior

This week is homecoming week and there is a lot of different activities going on this week. Every day there has been a different theme. Monday was the very first day and the theme was Amercia day, Tuesday was character day, and every one was all dressed up and very unique. Wednesday was wacky Wednesday, and everyone wore things that did not match, and all different kinds of crazy hats and stuff. There was also a field day, with games and food and all kinds of fun stuff that day. Thursday was pirate day, and barely anyone looked the same, and everyone looked great and had a lot of good ideas of a pirate. After school on Thursday at 7:00 o’clock, there was a tailgate/bonfire with free food and a lot of people went to that. The last day of homecoming week was Friday. It was spirit day, so everyone will be wearing our Walker Valley color, all blue and gold is what we would like to see all over the school to support our teams. Friday night is the homecoming varsity football game, and we are playing Rhea county. So, that is basically how this week has been and to say the least it was a really fun week.  – Monica Lee, Junior

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