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Here are this rotation’s articles from the Spill Staff:

This rotation I was a host for the main show. Tayler and I got an interview with Ms. Brady about Pink Week. Pink Week is the week of the Pink Ribbon Bowl here at Walker Valley. The Pink Ribbon Bowl is a powder puff game with 5 area schools participating. This year Walker Valley, Bradley, Meigs County, McMinn County, and Polk County are participating in the Pink Ribbon Bowl. Pink Week is a week where Walker Valley does mini activities every day and all proceeds go to the Mary Ellen Locher foundation, just like all proceeds from the Pink Ribbon Bowl.

Monday WV will be hosting a mini walk-a-than 1st, 2nd, and 3rd block for the last 15 minutes of class. Students can pay 1 dollar for each block and get a ticket from Ms. Brady in BU2. These tickets allow you to get out of class, and walk around the track outside for breast cancer survivors, and current breast cancer fighters.

Tuesday there is no activity for Pink Week, but there are plenty more activities for the rest of Pink Week.

Wednesday during WV’s “reading time” during 3rd block, students can purchase tickets from Ms. Brady for $1 to get out of class. This day, WV will have a speaker from the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation to talk about the foundation and speak about breast cancer. Students are encouraged to attend this event in the auditorium.

Thursday during 4th block, we will be having a Pink Week Pep Rally. This will consist of special activities including the powder puff cheerleaders and the powder puff football team. This is also a $1 ticket that you must have to get out of class. These tickets are also available in Ms. Brady’s room.

Thursday night will be the Pink Ribbon Bowl; this is the 3 Powder Puff games which WV will play Bradley, Polk vs. Meigs and then WV vs. McMinn. The community is invited to his event which all proceeds will go to the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation. Tickets are on pre-sale at the school for $5 and $7 at the gate.

There will be many booths at the event which many area stores, school clubs, and other organizations will be set up throughout the event. WV encourages all of the community to come out to WV this Thursday October 3, starting at 5 for the Pink Ribbon Bowl to help support the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation. – Ashlyn Williams, Senior

The month of October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Walker Valley High School is commemorating this month with a series of events called Pink Week. I interviewed Mrs. Brady about Pink Week. In her words, “Pink Week is a week we set aside to support and honor the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation.” According to the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation website, “The Mary Ellen Locher Foundation is a national college scholarship program for children who have either lost a parent to breast cancer or have a parent who is a breast cancer survivor.”

Throughout Pink Week, students can be involved in several activities, some of which will allow them to be released during class. Tickets are being sold beginning today. Tickets can be purchased for individual activities or a pass can be purchased that will admit you into any event of this special week.

Activities will begin on Monday with the “Mini-Walks,” which will take place during the last fifteen minutes of first, second, and third block. Tickets will be one dollar per block for this event. The walks will be in honor of the families that are fighting with breast cancer and the families that have lost their battle. On Tuesday and Thursday, teachers can wear jeans for a small donation of five dollars per day. On Wednesday, a special speaker from the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation will be in the auditorium during reading period. This event will be one dollar. On Thursday, there will be a big pep rally for one dollar for our Pink Ribbon Bowl which will take place Thursday night. There will be special surprises and great entertainment by our PowderPuff cheerleaders. The Pink Ribbon Bowl will take place beginning at 5:30. Four local area high schools will be participating. Tickets will be five dollars in advance or seven dollars at the gate. They can be purchased in the main office from Mrs. Black.

Pink Week will be an exciting week of activities and entertainment. Thank you to everyone who has made it possible! – Tayler Sutton, Senior

In this rotation, I helped Zyan to get and interview. The interview was on the dodgeball game. The dodgeball game is a fundraiser for the tennis team and journalism class. It was open to all students and teachers, with a friendly competition to see who wins.

Zyan did the interview, while I helped come up with the questions, and to work the camera and such. She asked things like: “Who can participate?” “Who is this event for?” “Where can I get tickets from?”

With the questions, I tried to get different angles to work with. It was hard to, because the journalism student that was interviewed kept moving off camera and not standing still. Granted, she was nervous, but it makes our job more difficult to do.

The video ended up being a good half a minute long, and personally I think it turned out pretty decent in the end. I know the next time I do an interview, I will try to get different, more neater angles, so its easier to edit. As well as to make sure the person being interviewed stays still and doesn’t move so much.

This was my first interview of the year, so I myself was nervous about doing it. I will try to get many more interviews as the school year goes on, trying to do better on each one. – Jordyn Joyner, Senior

The past week I was a main host and I did the teleprompter and also did interviews. One interview I did was with Mrs. Peace and it was about tutoring time at walker valley. In our 3rd block we have a extra 30 minutes that we don’t do anything in. We use to have hour long lunch but that was too dangerous to keep so now we have a extra 30 minutes. You can get a pass from the teacher of the subject you need to get tutoring from or re-take something and present it to your 3rd block teacher and you can leave and get some help from the teacher you choose  to help you, but you have to have a pass. You can also go work on your credit recovery during that time. Mrs. Peace was very detailed in her interview and she worded it so that it was information the upper classmen could understand the changes and then also in a way that the freshman, who are new to walker valley could understand how it works. – Chandler Jenkins, Senior

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