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Here are this rotation’s articles from the Spill Staff:

The past two weeks being a host opened my eyes from the last time I hosted because I did a lot more interviews. I worked with different hosts and that was fun and new. A few mistakes were made as in during interviews we would realize the microphone was not on during the interview so we would have to re-do it. Thankfully all of the people we would interview were cooperative. I learn a lot about school events whenever I do interviews also. A lot of the information we go and get for the students I was not aware of before. Being on camera has become not so nerve-wracking. Reading the teleprompter is pretty easy as long as whoever is running it is keeping up with the pace of my speaking. Pronouncing difficult words is a barrier I come across every now and then, but I always correct myself when I mess up and move along. Distractions are there every now and then but I have learned to ignore them and go on with the show. Getting the microphones is always one of the hosts or both of the host’s responsibilities. This is not a big deal but sometimes we think the other is going to take care of it and the microphones end up being plugged up a little later than they should be, but we make sure they are before the show starts. Microphone checks are always important to do before the show begins so that we can make sure they are working and that we will be heard. After the show everyone helps each other put everything away usually. My favorite part of hosting these past two weeks was getting interviews for information for the students and interviews for the football games and other sport events.  The most frustrating part of being a host is getting nervous and the responsibility of making sure to get all interviews done and edited before the show starts or ready for whenever they are needed. I learn something new almost every day in this class and I love being a host and like learning how to do other jobs in the class when the next two weeks come along. – Brooke Humble – Junior


My job for the past two weeks was being a host for the show. I like being host for multiple reasons. You take turns being the host each day, basically whoever wants to do it that day will do it, so you don’t have to do it every single day. Those days you aren’t the host, there are still other things you can do. Everyone whose hosts also takes turns doing the teleprompter. When two other people besides you are being a host, then you stay in the other room and you scroll the teleprompter for them to read while they are speaking live on the TV. There are a lot of fun things about being hosts also, you get the chance to speak in front of the school and say all the important announcements. Sometimes you even have to go get interviews from  people to make the show last longer or sometimes just to get more specific information about certain things. This is a good job for someone to pick if you like to talk in front of a crowd of people and are not shy.  If you get really nervous and don’t like to talk in front of a lot of people then you probably shouldn’t pick that job. Being a host is a pretty fun job to do, there are also a lot of other requirements that come along with being a hosts. – Monica Lee – Junior

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