Spill Evaluation #5 – November 4, 2013

Spill Online Evaluation #5 – Nov. 4, 2013  Please use complete sentences.  Responses are due by Nov. 8th.

1.  The Spill will expand to 15-20 minutes beginning second semester.  What are some ways we could expand the show?

2.  In your opinion, list some ways we could improve the safety of the room or prevent equipment from being destroyed?

3.  What are some ways we could improve your current position on The Spill?

4.  Critique the current status of the show?  What did we do well this week?  What areas could we improve?

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Scott Webb
AV Production Teacher - Walker Valley High School - Cleveland, Tennessee. Host of the WV SportsZone and The Finish Line on Talk 101.3 The Buzz. Scott is married to Jessica, a 3rd Grade teacher at Charleston Elementary, and has two kids: Megan and Tyler (both WVHS graduates). Contact Scott via email - swebb@bradleyschools.org

10 Comments on "Spill Evaluation #5 – November 4, 2013"

  1. 1.more commercials
    2.make sure no one is horsing around, keep clay from entering the room at all times.
    3.check mics earlier before the show
    4.we could definitely read better and make more commercials.

  2. Ashlyn Williams | November 4, 2013 at 9:41 am | Reply

    1. more segments, like questions, interviews, etc about what is going on around the school.
    2.Making sure that no one who isn’t a spill member is new the equipment, also that everyone knows the safety of the room and how to correctly put away the equipment.
    3.my current position this week is podcast, I know that the past few rotations there hasn’t been one, so making sure that a podcast is done weekly.
    4.the show is good but its basic, we need to add segments and things to keep students interested in watching each day.

  3. Cameron Bryant | November 4, 2013 at 1:34 pm | Reply

    1. Add more interviews, make longer commercials and just stop being lazy
    2. Well clean your area after ur done using it don’t leave stuff all over the place, don’t put cameras in the wrong position and don’t horseplay in
    Recording room
    3. I’m doing Live text so I would say get all the announcements on time and get them in order as the hosts read them off
    4. Still the show is to short we need to do better, make a new opening this week, Don’t be lazy is the main goal

  4. William Dickinson | November 8, 2013 at 8:30 am | Reply

    1.More segments will definitely be required. This will be opportune for the question of the day segment that’s been talked about. Another live segment would add to the show, even if I have no clue what it should be.

    2.The cable hooks were an excellent addition and help out with setting up the set a tremendous amount. The best safety precaution, along with the only one I can think of, is self discipline. Work harder and smarter.

    3.As said in point 2, the cable hooks help out with the Audio Board’s job of setting the set up.

    4. Our shows are short and sweet. According to certain sources, they need to be long and sweet.

  5. 1. We could expand the show by doing multiple sports segments, not just about Walker Valley sports. We could also take surveys based on things students would like to see in our shows.
    2. We should definitely only allow outsiders in if there is spill staff supervision.
    3. I am doing the podcast position and I believe it could be improved by adding more segments and not being limited to Walker Valley news alone.
    4. I feel as though the show is too short. It would be improved if it would last the full ten minutes it is supposed to. We have a wonderful stage presence and our staff is great on the air, but finishing our jobs at the last second just makes the show look pitiful.

  6. 1. More material, such as extended sports, more commercials.

    2. Weed out careless people.

    3. I was a host, so anything to improve the quality of the teleprompter.

    4. We need to finish jobs promptly in order to achieve maximum quality on the show.

  7. chandler jenkins | December 3, 2013 at 1:50 pm | Reply

    1. make more comercials and have more interviews and longer closing and opening.
    2. well if i signed a contract saying if i broke it i would buy it then i would take care of it knowing my personal money is on the line.
    3. i am a host i think that we could make it longer by talking about world events not just events at walker valley.
    4. i think making it longer is a very good idea about maybe 10 min to 8 at the least.

  8. 1. Some ways to expand the show past our current 8 minutes to fill the given 20 allowed would be to add more commercials and new segments.
    2. To improve the safety I think that after every show everything needs to be put up in the desired place.
    3. I think that the main host position is fine the way it is.
    4. I think all and all the spill was really good this week.

  9. 1. We could have mandatory requirements for each student. Each person should be responsible for the personal production of at least one commercial, one interview, etc. per rotation.

    2. Do not allow others in the Spill room.

    3. I’m LiveText host, so I suppose double-checking everything and such.

    4. I think the show is all-around improving.

  10. 1. The Spill will expand to 15-20 minutes beginning second semester. What are some ways we could expand the show?
    We could have each student have their our segment and alternate that by week, rather than bi-weekly,

    2. In your opinion, list some ways we could improve the safety of the room or prevent equipment from being destroyed?
    Cut off everyone’s hands and feet before they enter the room.

    3. What are some ways we could improve your current position on The Spill?
    Let me edit more.

    4. Critique the current status of the show? What did we do well this week? What areas could we improve?
    It was al ittle short. We look and sound awesome though.

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