Project #2 Evaluations – Fall 2014

Broadcasting I Students:

Please answer the following questions in the Comment section.  Students must answer all questions in complete sentences.  Please use an email address that you currently use.  – Coach Webb

  1. What time element did you use in your video? Why?
  1. Name a different time method you could have used.
  1. What was the most difficult part of shooting the push up sequence?
  1. What was the most difficult part of editing the push up sequence?
  1. What was the most challenging part of the editing phase?
  1. List three things that you could have done to make the video flow better?
  1. What was your favorite video (it doesn’t have to be your own)? Why?
  1. What did you learn from other videos that you can use in your next project?

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22 Comments on "Project #2 Evaluations – Fall 2014"

  1. 1. We speeded up the running.
    2. We could have slowed down the running.
    3. We had to make sure you couldn’t see her feet and that it looked like I was actually holding her.
    4. There were some parts where you could see her feet or my hand moved and we had to make sure we edited that out.
    5. Making sure we edited the parts out where you could see her feet or my hand moved.
    6. Left out some of the walking, had more dialogue, make it less choppy.
    7. The book chase, I thought it was funny and it was really good.
    8. Make it less choppy.

  2. 1. We took out parts of the running scene because it would’ve been long if we didn’t.
    2. We could’ve used slow motion to make the video longer.
    3. Getting Emily’s hand correctly under Ashtyn so her feet didn’t show.
    4. Cropping out the end so it didn’t show Ashtyn stand back up after getting crushed.
    5. Adding the title in correctly without it overlapping the video.
    6.We could’ve esited the scenes better together, we could’ve took longer shots, and we could’ve used the same music throughout the whole video.
    7.I liked the video where she went into the closet and got shrunk because it really looked like she was super small.
    8. We could take longer shots so we don’t have to re record.

  3. 1. We sped our video up by cutting out parts while we were running.
    2. We could have used Slow motion.
    3. Lining Emily’s hand up with my body to make it look like I was shrunk.
    4.Cutting out parts that didn’t sound good while we were talking.
    5. Putting the music in the certain spot of the scene.
    6. We could have made two scenes together and made one so it wouldn’t be as choppy. We could have acted better. We could have cut out a little mew of us walking to it wouldn’t have dragged out.
    7. They Starbucks video,because it was really funny and creative.
    8. We could do the over the shoulder shot to give a more first person feel to the video.

  4. Rena Charneicki | September 18, 2014 at 9:36 am | Reply

    1. The element me and my group used was rotation for the magic push-up.
    2. We could have done slow motion.
    3. The most difficult part of shooting the magic push up was: what do we do with the camera to shoot the magic push up, also what we should do in front of the camera.
    4. The most difficult part of editing was what do we do to make it blend in and look good with the video.
    5. The most challenging about editing was the fast motion and the black and white to make it look good.
    6. 1. slow motion
    2. better ending
    3. a better start for the chase.
    7. My video was my favorite because I feel like we worked for a good video, wanted a good grade for our work. Also I had fun doing the video.
    8. I learned new things from editing and better ways to use the camera, how to make angles look better at different stand points when shooting.

  5. We used slow motion because it enhances your actions.
    We could have sped things up
    Finding the right spot where you can only see concrete
    Editing wasn’t actually very hard because we shot the scene sideways
    Finding the right smoke effect
    Made the end a little less choppy
    My groups video was my favorite because I feel like we put more time into editing
    We can use more P.O.V shots

  6. 1: We used slow motion because it is good at capturing action shots.

    2: We could have used fast forward.

    3: The most difficult part was not getting the background in the shot.

    4: The hardest part was making it so Max wasn’t transparent.

    5: Finding the best effects was the hardest part.

    6: We could have made it longer.

    7: “The Burglars” because they utilized slow motion in a great way.

    8: That using more props could make our videos more interesting.

  7. Makenzie Roberts | September 18, 2014 at 5:10 pm | Reply

    ~1~ We used fast forward and slow motion in our video. The fast forward was used for speeding up parts that would drag along at normal speed and to add a comical feel to it. We used the slow motion to make certain scenes more dramatic.
    ~2~ Another time method we could have used was a reverse time or flashing back and forth between scenes/times.
    ~3~ The most difficult part was figuring out how to make it work in our video.
    ~4~ The most difficult part of editing was putting all of them together so they went along with each other. We did not record every single time when someone came and went in a door, but got a few and arranged them together.
    ~5~ The most challenging part of the whole editing phase was making the space element look like it went together.
    ~6~ One thing to make the video flow better was to leave the camera in one spot during the door scenes. Moving it kind of made it look funny in the end. Another thing that would have helped was to maybe cut out one of the chase scenes. A third thing that would have made it flow better was to put a fade on some of the songs. At some parts the song ended and it was silence for a few seconds.
    ~7~ Magic Max was my favorite because it had really cool time and space elements.
    ~8~ Some things I learned from other videos was to make sure if there is dialogue, that it is clearly heard and not muffled into the background. Another thing would be to use more space elements in the video.

  8. 1. The time element that we used in our video was fast forward, we always omitted certain things from the audience.

    2. We could have used slow motion in our video at certain points.

    3. The most difficult part of filming the push-up was finding out how to hold the camera in a way that it looks real and that it looks good.

    4. Th most difficult part of editing the push-up was rotating it to give the appearance that you are actually doing a push-up.

    5. The most difficult part of the editing phase was getting everything to look like it was smooth and getting it to look like it was all shot together and in order.

    6. I could’ve made the transitions between color and black and white seem more natural and flowing than I did, I could’ve made the music fade in earlier and more flawlessly, I could’ve had better camera angles instead of the same ones over and over again.

    7. I like our video the best, I am a little biased though. I like our use of music, speed, and the use of black and white.

    8. I learned that the use of a green screen could be very useful.

  9. 1: Slow motion
    2: Speeding up
    3: Knowing which way to hold the camera
    4: nothing because we just held the camera sideways
    5: Making the title
    6: More cross dissolve
    7: Mental patients
    8:better slow motion clips

  10. 1. slow motion
    2. we could have used fast motion
    3. holding the camera the way we wanted to
    4. really nothing
    5. getting the scenes the right length
    6. more clips, more slow motion, and more cross dissolve
    7. Mental Patients, because their video used a lot of slow motion and it was very good.
    8. better slow motion clips and more cross dissolves.

  11. 1. We used slow motion to show the students walking down the hall.
    2. We could’ve used fast forward
    3. It was difficult making the background look like it was right side up.
    4. It wasn’t that challenging to edit.
    5. It was challenging making sure we had enough camera angles.
    6. We could’ve used more angles and longer conversations and also more time elements
    7. Ours because the end was funny.
    8. I used how to use different camera angles better.

  12. Amanda Domeracki | September 19, 2014 at 8:26 am | Reply

    we used slow motion while walking down the hallway.
    we could of used fast motion
    the most difficult part to me was trying to make the push up look good
    we did not have to edit that part
    we could have more angles we could have shorter conversations and we could have less
    ours was the best because the push-up was awesome
    how the different angles work

  13. 1- When we were running we sped it up and made us go faster.
    2- We could have slowed time down, but instead we sped it up.
    3-We used a different space element than the magic push up.
    4-We used a different space element than the magic push up.
    5- Finishing it on time was the most difficult.
    6- We should have used time more wisely so we didn’t have to rush as much. We needed to use the green screen more, and we needed to edit more on certain parts.
    7- The pizza video was my favorite, because it was funny, and they did a really good job with music, and time, and action.
    8- Spend more time editing and making it perfect.

  14. Alex Lauterbach | September 22, 2014 at 9:29 am | Reply

    1.) We used fast forward to give the movie the feel of an older silent movie.
    2.) We could have used slow motion in the push-up scene to make it more dramatic.
    3.) The most difficult part of the push-up scene was finding a place on the wall with no flyers, signs or windows, that also could resemble a floor.
    4.) The first time we shot the push-up scene, we didn’t turn the camera, so we had to try to turn it in Adobe. We ended up shooting it again because it didn’t look right.
    5.) The most challenging part to edit was the chase scene when we had to speed it up.
    6.) We could’ve had a better opening scene, cut out the two guys in the chase scene or carried them throughout the entire chase, and the ending could’ve been a lot better.
    7.) Emily, Ashton, and Sophie’s video was my favorite because of the space element they used to make it look like Emily was crushing someone.
    8.) In Max, Brandon, and Jonathan’s video they flipped the camera to make it seem like Brandon was climbing a wall, when he was really crawling on the floor.

  15. Cheyanne Farris | September 22, 2014 at 9:32 am | Reply

    1.) One of the time elements we used was when Justin was walking down the hallway and Michael was at two doors he passed.
    2.) We could sped up the running scene.
    3,) The most difficult part of filming the push up scene was trying to get the angle right.
    4,) Cropping the video to make to make sure it looks like an actual push up.
    5.) Trying to make the video shorter.
    6.) Make it shorter, speed up the video and change a few camera angles.
    7.) The one with the Pizza.
    8.) The green screen.

  16. 1.)One time element we used to our advantage was the dream. However we didn’t film me waking up.
    2)We could’ve have used slow-motion for the death scenes to create a suspenseful feeling.
    3)Making it look realistic. We couldn’t exactly plant our feet on the wall and push back and forth without falling over.
    4)It really wasn’t that difficult.
    5)Finishing in time. We had far too much video.
    6)We could’ve changed our filming method during the conversations or edited out useless information.
    7)The one with Max as the super hero. It was very entertaining.
    8)That we can use the green screen for our time element.

  17. destiny crittenden | September 22, 2014 at 9:41 am | Reply

    1- We sped up a lot of our walking and running scenes.
    2- We could’ve used slow motion, but we decided to speed up the process.
    3- We didn’t do the push up sequence.
    4- We didn’t do the push up sequence.
    5- Cropping the wall out of the scene when we used the green screen,shrinking Erica and Trinity was difficult.
    6- We shouldn’t have rushed,we should’ve took our time and put more thought into our video
    7- The pizza video had to be my favorite, it was really funny and they kept it interesting they did an awesome job!
    8- Take our time! Don’t rush and put as much thought in it as you can!

  18. 1: We sped up time, so that our person that shrunk would run really fast.
    2: We could have slowed time down.
    3: We didn’t do the push-up.
    4: We didn’t do the push-up.
    5: Picking out music was the most challenging thing of the editing phase.
    6: We could have put more thought into it, and taken our time.
    7: The pizza video was my favorite, because they kept you reeled in the whole time.
    8: I learned to put more thought into it, and to take my time.

  19. 1. We sped up the time during the running scene so it looked more animated.
    2. We could have slowed down the time.
    3. We didn’t do the magic push-up.
    4. We didn’t the magic push-up.
    5. I think the most challenging part of the editing phase was editing the green-screen shots to make it look right.
    6. We should’ve planned a schedule more thoroughly so we could’ve had more time editing.
    7. My favorite video was the pizza video because it had a good story and the editing was great.
    8.I learned to plan out the video more and not waste time and have an idea before we start, not come up with it through out the filming.

  20. hailey coppings | September 26, 2014 at 3:59 pm | Reply

    1. we used slow motion.
    2. we could have fast forwarded some parts or completely skipped some parts.
    3. getting the hall to be empty when we filmed them skipping class.
    4. the teacher we used in the video had a class at the moment so it was hard to get her out of class while she was teaching.
    5. we struggled with camera angles.
    6.more time elements better music and better script
    7. the hall monitor one because i like the techniques.
    8. use more camera angles

  21. 1. We used slow motion to create a more dramatic effect.
    2. We could have used fast motion.
    3. I didn’t know which way to turn the camera while filming.
    4. The hardest part of editing that part was figuring out how to flip the video.
    5. The hardest part of editing our video was deciding what we did and didn’t want in the video.
    6. We could have mixed up the news cast things, said some different things in them, and we could have take out some of the video and left audio so it didn’t look the same all the time.
    7. I liked ours the best. I think we could have presented it a little bit better, but overall I thought we did pretty good.
    8. I learned that it is a really good idea to plan exactly what you want for the video before you start filming. It makes editing so much easier, and I will use this the next time.

  22. Aj / Alex Scott | October 13, 2014 at 8:34 am | Reply

    1. slow motion, for dramatic affect. forward, for the push ups.
    3.finding a good angle with a realistic background.
    4.i didn’t really have any trouble.
    5.finding music for the mood.
    6.did more audio transitions between the cast
    7.the push ups part. idk it was fun.
    8. places to go and ways to record.

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