Evaluation – Project #3 – Doubles/Conversation – Fall 2014

Broadcasting I Students:

Please answer the following questions.  Students must answer all questions in complete sentences and use broadcasting vocabulary.  Please use an email address that you currently use.  – Coach Webb

  1. Explain how did you shot the Doubles/Conversation portion of your video. 
  2. Name the camera angles used in your portion of the video. 
  3. What was the most difficult part of shooting the Doubles/Conversation sequence?
  4. What was the most difficult part of editing the Doubles/Conversation sequence?
  5. Describe the most challenging part of the editing phase.
  6. List three things that you could have done to make the video flow better?
  7. What was your favorite video (it doesn’t have to be your own)? Why?
  8. What did you learn from other videos that you can use in your next project?

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  1. Rena Charneicki | October 2, 2014 at 10:31 am | Reply

    1. We used different kinds of angle shots.
    2. over the shoulder angle, half body, full body.
    3. Getting the timing right.
    4. getting the audio for the double shot perfect.
    5. Getting all the audio and the shots in the video to match.
    6. more angles, use more action and videoing a little bit more.
    7. It was my own because the idea was good and I also liked talentless and I got to be in it.
    8. more angles and making it a little longer.

  2. We basically had me talking to my future self to warn me about something.
    Over the shoulder, 2 subject, Medium.
    Trying to get the words right.
    Putting me side by side.
    Well, putting me side by side, because doing that is very hard.
    More Camera angles, better scripts, more conversations.
    AJ and Eli and Emily’s video, because they did the side by side perfect and had multiple camera angles.
    More camera angles.

  3. 1: Cj would be my stunt double and I would be his
    2: full body shot, medium shot,
    3: remembering the script
    4: The editing
    5: getting Cj and me on the same side
    6: the editing part
    7: the confusion
    8: how to crop video

  4. 1. We shot the doubles part of the video by shooting the part where Rena had to talk and then shooting the part where I responded and putting them together in the post production phase.

    2. We used over the shoulder shots, medium close up shots, and long shots.

    3. Getting the timing right in the conversation to where it sounded like an actual conversation.

    4. Finding the right place to cut the 2 videos and combine them to where it looks like the conversation was filmed at the same time instead of two separate shots.

    5. The most challenging part of the editing phase was getting everything to look smooth and not choppy.

    6. I could’ve used more camera angles to cover the interview scene that we did. I could have made an intro type thing with music instead of going straight into the video. I could have made the transition between clips a lot smoother.

    7. I wasn’t there to see the other videos and so my favorite one so far is my video. I like the idea and I like how we used the double box to make it appear like we were having a conversation on screen when it was filmed at 2 different places and 2 different shots.

    8. I wasn’t there to watch the other videos.

  5. Aj / Alex Scott | October 13, 2014 at 8:16 am | Reply

    1.me and eli was the investigators and we talked to elis double “brother”
    2.over the shoulder, side shot , full body shot, close up.
    3.getting the lines lined up.
    4.cutting the audio.
    5. cutting the audio and lineing it up.
    6. takin more shots.
    7. the walking out shot, it was funny.
    8. how to make double shots, split audio, do better at merging conversations.

  6. 1.We shot one character all in one day, then the other character on a different day.
    2.Close-Up, Medium Shot, Over the Shoulder
    3. Getting the characters to beat each other up cause they were the same person.
    4. Putting a scene in black and white
    5.Putting a scene in black and white because you have to go find it in all of the settings.
    6.Been more professional with the shots, more music, lighting differences
    7.The one about the singing contest, because it was funny.
    8. Sound effects

  7. 1)By taking clips back to back
    2) Many close ups
    3)creating conversation with myself
    4)Cutting out every “Okay”
    5)Number 4
    6)add more scenery and camera angles.
    7)Michael’s. Everything about it.
    8)Music. Add music.

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