Commercial Project Evaluation – Fall 2014

Broadcasting I Students:

Please answer the following questions.  Students must answer all questions in complete sentences and use broadcasting vocabulary.  Please use an email address that you currently use.  – Coach Webb

  1. What type of product are you producing a commercial for? 
  2. Who is the target audience for your commercial and what type of income do they make? Why are finances important to consider when developing a commercial?
  3. The first phase of constructing commercials for a product is to tell the viewers they have a problem.  The second is to show how the product can solve the problem.  The final phase is to tell the viewer how they can get it.  Describe how you accomplished this with your commercial.
  4. What was the most difficult part of the shooting and editing phase?
  5. What was the most challenging part of the working for other people?
  6. List three things that you could have done to make the video flow better.

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  1. Brandon Solsbee | November 3, 2014 at 9:57 am | Reply

    1. Our commercial was for Geico car insurance.
    2. Adults who might be pressed on cash. It is important so you can discuss discounts if necessary.
    3. The problem is they need cheap insurance, the solution is to sign up for Geico to save 15% or more, to tell how we give the website.
    4.The most difficult part was making the commercial last for a minute.
    5. Agreeing on one idea was difficult.
    6. We could have worked on pacing it better.

  2. Rena Charneicki | November 3, 2014 at 10:11 am | Reply

    1. To make your face look younger.
    2. This goes to mid-age adults and old people. The income is seeing the difference of there faces and more older people will want to buy it to look young again. Finances are important to have when a product is becoming more popular.
    3. well, in our commercial we used before during and after for our product youth.
    4. The most difficult part was editing the product when using the before, during and after.
    5. it wasn’t that difficult as I through and coming up with the perfect product was hard.
    6. 1. we could have used more details.
    2. used better before and after pictures.
    3. better after screen of the prices of the product.

  3. 1.Snickers
    2.Everyone, it depends on what job they have. It’s important so that you know who to target when you’re displaying your price and stuff.
    3.We used two teachers, the principal, and two students. The students were arguing and then they ate the snickers and turned into the teachers. That showed everyone that when you eat a snickers, your attitude changes.
    4. The hardest part of shooting was having a fight in the teacher lounge. The hardest part of editing was putting it in slow motion.
    5. Getting the lines right.
    6. facial expressions, music, smooth lines

  4. hailey coppings | November 4, 2014 at 9:31 am | Reply

    1. Gatorade
    2. Athletes and trainers.
    3. By showing them being bored then showing them drinking the product then showing them doing athletic things
    4. The hardest part was getting the videos the right lengths and getting all the information in the time limit.
    5. the audio version
    6. 1.shot the athletic part differently
    2. make the audio clearer
    3. make the information slide better and include more graphics

  5. 1. Youth face cream and it makes your face look and feel younger.
    2. Our target audience are older people and people who feel that they have a older looking face. there income would be from lower middle class- upper middle class. It is important that you know the financial status of the people we are marketing to so we can price our product so that people of that demographic might buy it.
    3. We used a before and after shot so that the people can see that if you use it you will look younger. as well as we told them where they can buy our product.
    4. for us it was shooting the part where Bryson had to splash water on face because we wanted to see the water being splashed on his face and the water was really cold.
    5. Coming up with the one product idea because we had a lot
    1. We could have made the time when rena was giving a testimony we could show her actually doing the stuff that she talks about.
    2. We could have made the end of the commercial where we telling people where they can buy the product a little more professional and could have made the image in the corner a still image instead of a moving image.
    3. Make the information given a little clearer and direct instead of just broad.

  6. Sophie Garland | November 6, 2014 at 9:55 am | Reply

    1. straight spray
    2. curly haired people
    3. we showed emily with curly hair sad because has can’t have straight hair. then we showed her about straight spray. we used audio to tell them that.
    4. we didn’t have enough footage for the amount of time
    5. agreeing on ideas
    6. shown more use of straight spray. used the audio throughout the whole video. made more footage.

  7. Ashtyn Frazier | November 6, 2014 at 9:56 am | Reply

    1. Straight spray
    2. Curly haired women
    3. We showed somone with curly hair that wanted straight hair, we showed what are product could do, and we told them where they could purchase it and the number to order it.
    4. Picking out the music.
    5. The editing phase.
    6. Showed more before and after pics, got better shots without the camera shaking, and sped the commercial up.

  8. 1.Straight Spray, a hair spray that makes your hair straight.
    2. Curly haired women, it ranges from all types of incomes. To see how many people the product would affect so you know how many people will buy it.
    3. At the beginning we showed me with curly hair talking about how I wished I could have straight hair, then Sophie told me how I could solve that problem. We then showed a picture of the product and how much it is and where to get it.
    4. Making our commercial long enough without dragging it out too much.
    5. It was hard to tell how many people would use it and who it would affect.
    6. It was very choppy, we could have made it flow better. We added a lot of stuff in to make it long enough, and we should’ve wrote more dialogue for me and Sophie. It could’ve been edited better.

  9. Makenzie Roberts | November 11, 2014 at 10:22 am | Reply

    1. We were producing a commercial for a muscle growth drink, Popeye Power.
    2. The target audience was mainly fitness people and athletes. Their income could be anything from around normal to super high. It is important to know the finances so your target audience will be able to afford the product.
    3. We showed an average person who didn’t have time to work out and get muscles. We gave him the Popeye Power and he got his muscles and then showed them a number to call so they could buy the product.
    4. The most difficult part of shooting was faking the muscles and making them look halfway normal. The hardest part of editing was getting the numbers to pop up on the screen at the same time.
    5. The hardest part was getting all the lines right.
    6. One thing would be to show more before and after pictures. A second would be to shoot more of the main character doing things with his new muscles. A third way would be to shorten the dialogue explaining the product.

  10. 1- SNICKERS

  11. 1. Our product was a drink called “Get Thirsty”. It is an energy drink for teenagers and adults.

    2. The target audience is teenagers and adults that enjoy energy drinks. The income should be good for this product. A lot of people enjoy energy drinks. Finances are important to think about when creating a commercial because its good to have an idea what your income from the product will be.

    3. For the first part of our commercial we showed a guy by a trash can and looking sad then another guy popped up and started telling him how he had a new drink that could help him out. They then continued to start dancing and make it look like the product chanced the situation. Then finally at the end we put the price and where you can get the product.

    4. The hardest part was getting all the video to match up with the music of our video. Having pre recorded the song and having to piece it all together was a little difficult. Basically we made a music video.

    5. The hardest part about working with people is we all have different ideas, and you have to listen and be open to everyones.

    6. I think if we would have taken some of the instrumental parts out of the song and had more action going on it would have been a little bit better.

  12. Amanda Domreracki | November 12, 2014 at 9:28 am | Reply

    2.a mom who needs help with her baby.
    3.showing that the mom is struggling, then having the babysitter come and help.
    4.The hardest part of filming was to make it look like we were in a home. and the hardest part of editing was putting the sound in from the microphone.
    5.I get along with everyone and I had no problem with working with other people.
    6. one thing to make the video flow better is to have more angles.
    another thing would to have less talking
    the last thing would be to have more video.

  13. 1. The product we are promoting is a Snickers candy bar.
    2. Our audiences would be teens at Walker Valley and they wouldn’t have to make a big salary because Snickers are fairly cheap. But, if we had been advertising a more expensive product then we would have to take into consideration some of the elements of our commercial.
    3. Our problem was hunger and they two girls were fighting over the Snickers. The principal gave the girls food to suffice their hunger and in the end we put an information page.
    4. The most difficult part of the shooting phase was getting the principal to help and the most difficult part of the editing phase was slowing down the film.
    5. Getting lines right.
    6. No movement of the camera, more actions, and making it less jumpy.

  14. nicholas barnett | November 13, 2014 at 11:20 am | Reply was a muscle growth drink called popeye power.
    2.its for people that are trying to get in shape/get big arms , its for everyone , so it can get out there .
    3.we told all the steps of using the product and we had websites and places you can get it from.
    4.trying to put the product together and changing camera angels.
    5.not everyone could use it if they were allergic to anything in the product.
    6.time , better angels , put more steps of the product.

  15. 1) A fictional alarm clock called the Michael TRON 5000
    2)People with alarm clock problems.
    3)By proving how effective our product is in steps.
    4)Making it seem convincing
    5)Agreeing on a product.
    6)Remove useless material and include more information of the product.

  16. Alex Lauterbach | November 24, 2014 at 10:14 am | Reply

    1.) youth face cream
    2.) adults who want to look younger
    3.) we first asked them if they felt that they were getting older, then introduced our product, youth, and told them how it could help them.
    4.) considering that the bottle of youth was a plastic water bottle, making it seem appealing was the hardest part.
    5.) trying to come up with one idea and how we were going to advertise it.
    6.) use more transitions between slides, make sure that the audio was a consistent volume, and we could’ve had one more testimonial.

  17. Joshua Ellison | December 4, 2014 at 5:58 pm | Reply

    1) Our commercial was for Geico car insurance.
    2) Adults who might be pressed on cash. It is important so you can discuss discounts if necessary.
    3) The problem is they need cheap insurance, the solution is to sign up for Geico to save 15% or more, to tell how we give the website.
    4)The most difficult part was getting the food for the commercial.
    5) Agreeing on one idea was difficult.
    6) We could have worked on pacing it better.

  18. Brooklyn Cofer | December 9, 2014 at 10:38 am | Reply

    1. We are selling an alarm clock called the “Michael-Tron 9000”
    2. People who have a hard time waking up in the morning. Their income would be middle-class. You wouldn’t want to sell to people with a low income and set a high price.
    3. We introduced a person having trouble sleeping, we introduced the product, then we showed how the product helped them, then we showed the product information.
    4. Finding places that looked like a house was hard. Finding good music to play on top of it was hard too.
    5. The same things as me were difficult for them.
    6. We could’ve shortened it, we could’ve used more transitions, and we could’ve increased the audio a bit.

  19. 1. babysitter in a box
    2. parents and probably about an average income
    3. because you want the price range to equal the audiences income because that will attract them
    4. first we had the mother having problems with the crying child, then we introduced the baby sitter in the box, and put the number on the screen so they can contact us.
    5. The most difficult part was trying to get the mom and child to look real and getting the angles.
    6. used better transitions and audio

  20. Bailey Mayhugh | December 17, 2014 at 9:27 am | Reply

    1. We made a commercial for Babysitter In A Box
    2. We made a product for parents that work. Income is important so they can afford it.
    3. We showed the baby crying and acting up, we introduced the babysitter in a box, and then the baby sitter helped the mom take care of the baby.
    4. It was difficult getting all the angles.
    5. It was hard to make up a product
    6. Better pacing, music, transitions

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