Final Exam Video Project Online Evaluation

Broadcasting I Students:

Please answer the following questions.  Students must answer all questions in complete sentences and use broadcasting vocabulary.  Please use an email address that you currently use.  – Coach Webb

  1. List your time, space, and compositional element that you used in your video.
  2. What are some techniques that you have learned this semester?
  3. What are the things that you like about this class?
  4. Name some things that you did not like about the class.  What can we improve on?
  5. Would you consider taking more Broadcasting classes? Why?

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Scott Webb
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  1. hailey coppings | December 8, 2014 at 8:48 am | Reply

    1. Rule of thirds, Adding scenes at the beginning and the end, Grid set.
    2. Rule of thirds, panning and tilting, improvising, and pretty much everything else.
    3. I personally loved the editing and the filming. I liked the hands on things.
    4. I didn’t like the research and the paperwork and the smallness of the class. Projects would have been easier if there were more people in the class.
    5. Yes because I love being able to make videos. I really enjoy all of it.

  2. 1. Emily crawling up the wall, Asgtyn chasing Emily
    2. How to speed up the video when people are walking
    3. Filming stuff
    4. The online tests
    5. Yes because I like acting

  3. 1. Emily crawling up the wall and Ashtyn chasing Emily.
    2.How to speed up video and how to work everything on the camera when filming.
    3. Filming around school.
    4.The online test and packets.
    5.No, I don’t think I would consider a career in broadcasting.

  4. 1. Our time element was that we speeded up the running, and our space element is me climbing up the wall.
    2. How to do space and time elements and the rule of thirds and how to do a shot of a conversation with two people.
    3. That we don’t do the whole course out of the book and we get to make movies.
    4. The packets and online tests.
    5.Maybe, it was fun making movies.

  5. rena charneicki | December 16, 2014 at 10:27 am | Reply

    1. was when we recorded Jonathan and the desk and not the whole office.
    2. how to speed and video make it slower, green screen.
    3. videoing coming up with cool ideas and making funny videos, also learning new things about cameras and what they can do.
    4. the test and packets.
    5. yes, because I enjoy making videos and would love to be on the spill.

  6. 1. We didnt show the entire decision making process. We said we were at dunder mifflin when in all reality we were in the spill room. Rule of thirds.
    2. I have learned to use camera angles, i have learned to manipulate time and space.
    3. I liked everything about this class especially being able to use Premiere and the cameras.
    4. There was one thing i dodnt like about this class and that was the worksheets and online tests.
    5. Yes i would defnitely take another broadcasting class, i really enjoyed everything about this class.

  7. 1. Push-up on the wall, rule of thirds, and sped up time
    2. camera angles, how to edit videos, and how to properly use a camera
    3. Being able to be creative
    4. I didn’t enjoy the chapter tests because the answers didn’t come from the packets.
    5. Yes, so I can expand my knowledge.

  8. 1.max doing the magic push up and me telling him to.
    2. how to do different angels while recording
    3. that we get to record things and make short video clips
    4.there wasn’t really anything i didn’t like about the class except for the online tests .
    5. yes, because i am just now getting the hang of recording and editing videos .

  9. Fast forward, green screen, rule of thirds
    How to use the ultra key in adobe
    I really enjoyed being able to make any kind of video and seeing come together well
    I felt like there was a lot of paper work to be done
    Yes, because I like recording video and watching it being edited

  10. 1. Magic push-up, speed up time, and rule of thirds
    2. how to properly use a camera and edit videos
    3. I like being able to create what we want
    4. I didn’t like the worksheets not matching the online test
    5. Yes, so I can explore this activity more

  11. Joshua Ellison | December 18, 2014 at 8:54 am | Reply

    1) fast forward, green screen, steve harvy.
    2) space elements
    3) i liked recoding and editing.
    4) i didnt like the online test or evaluations.
    5) i would like to take more classes so i can learn more about editing.

  12. Makenzie Roberts | December 18, 2014 at 9:24 am | Reply

    1. We used fast motion, rule of thirds, audio layover, and the magic pushup.
    2. I’ve learned how to use a camera correctly, use different angles, editing, and time management for finishing videos.
    3. I liked almost everything especially getting to shoot and edit videos.
    4. I didn’t really like the online tests.
    5. I think so, because I loved the class and the other classes would probably be as good.

  13. 1.time- we sped up the clock.
    magic pushup
    2.the many different camera angles
    3.the people, the videos, the fun.
    4.the chapter packets
    5. yes, because I enjoy making the videos, and being a part of the class. its a fun, and good class.

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