Movie Trailer Video Project Online Evaluation

Broadcasting I Students:

Please answer the following questions.  Students must answer all questions in complete sentences and use broadcasting vocabulary.  Please use an email address that you currently use.  – Coach Webb

  1. Describe the mood of your trailer.  What are ways you conveyed the mood of the trailer?
  2. Who is the target audience for your movie? Why would you consider audience when producing a trailer?
  3. How did pacing effect your trailer? What ways did you manipulate pacing/time?
  4. What was the most difficult part of the shooting and editing phase? How difficult was it to mimic the original trailer?

Please answer all questions with complete sentences.

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  1. 1. The mood of our trailer was sad and emotional. It had a sad flow to it, and the music added to that.

    2. I think the audience this would appeal to is someone who like drama.

    3. The scenes flipped fast and so filming it we had a lot of scenes, but they were all really short.

    4. The hardest part of remaking this trailer was the props. There was a part that they had a casket and remaking that was probably the hardest part, but our trailer didn’t have any voices in it so that made it a lot better.

  2. 1. The mood of the trailer was light and funny. It was transparent and extremely comedic. We tried to translate the light from the trailer into our way of doing it through the comedic remakes of the scene.
    2. Teens and young adults are the targets. Because audience is how you market your video.
    3. we had issues with pacing.
    4. It was terribly difficult to portray the proper elements that the trailer required.

  3. 1. The mood of our trailer was happy, we conveyed that by the actions, and words in the trailer.
    2.I would think that my target audience is anyone who enjoys Christmas movies, or just teenagers and adults. We need to consider a target audience when doing trailers because you need to know who the people you are targeting so you can make things that they would like.
    3.Paceing was a huge thing in my trailer. If we didn’t pace things correctly then the trailer wouldn’t have the same effect on people.
    4. The most difficult part of the shooting and editing phase was putting the correct shots and camera angles in the correct order to mimic the trailer. Also using the same camera angles as the trailer was difficult. It wasn’t very difficult to mimic the trailer but it definitely wasn’t easy.

  4. happy and exciting, by the tone of voices and showing the finals.

    2.teens because the movie is about college and the humor is more teenage like.

    3. it was fast and it helped show mood and the excitement

    4.the most difficult part was trying to get the background the same and using people was a difficult, it wasn’t too hard but not easier than the other films we’ve made

  5. 1. The mood of our trailer was really lighthearted. We showed this by displaying some humor in our video.

    2. Our target audience is teenagers. It’s important to consider the target audience so that you know what to put in your video.

    3. Pacing effected our trailer in a way that we had to know the exact thing we were going to film so that we would stay on task.

    4. The most difficult part of the shooting and editing phase was trying to make the shots look exactly how they were in the original trailer. It was really difficult to mimic the original, but we overcame it.

  6. Makenzie Roberts | December 4, 2014 at 10:07 am | Reply

    1. The mood of the trailer was funny and we conveyed it by trying to remake the scenes as funny as they were on the trailer and the music that we picked.
    2. Our audience was teenagers. It is important to know the target audience so you can make a trailer that they will want to see.
    3. It made the trailer move along and not drag. We made sure the scenes were short and quick so it would make the pace better.
    4.The hardest part of shooting was getting some of the angles and editing was probably the graphics for the video. It was difficult because of all the different angles and techniques used in the 2 minute trailer.

  7. Joshua Ellison | December 4, 2014 at 6:15 pm | Reply

    1) mood of our trailer was funny/humerus. We had a fat guy sliding on the floor.
    2)people who like funny movies. because, you want people to watch your movie.
    3)we went as fast as we could and still didn’t finish the trailer because it was to long and not enough time.
    4)most difficult part was getting the scene to look like a mall. we didn’t have the background or some of the things like guns, people, and an electric chair.

  8. hailey coppings | December 8, 2014 at 8:36 am | Reply

    1. The mood for this trailer is kind of sad. We conveyed this by just using scenes and music without any dialogue.
    2. The target audience for this trailer is teenagers and adults. It is important to think about the target audience while making a trailer because you need to use things that would get that age groups attention.
    3. A lot of short scenes but lots of filming was shot for this video.
    4. The hardest part for me personally was finding the space needed for the video. We needed many different locations so that it would look as close to the real thing as possible.

  9. amanda domeracki | December 8, 2014 at 11:05 am | Reply

    1. the mood was funny and a lot of music.
    2. teens and young adults
    3.our trailer was choppy so it was kind of bad.
    4.the hardest part was getting the amount of people we needed

  10. Brandon Solsbee | December 8, 2014 at 6:27 pm | Reply

    1.The mood in the trailer was mostly light, demonstrated by humorous scenes.

    2.The target audience was mostly kids and teens. The target audience should be considered so things that would interest said audience can be shown.

    3.Pacing played a big role in keeping the trailer interesting, as there were several montages in which then scene changed constantly. We used pacing and time techniques to give the trailer a lively feel.

    4.The most difficult part was definitely time constraints. It was very difficult to mimic the original trailer.

  11. Brooklyn Cofer | December 9, 2014 at 10:28 am | Reply

    1. Serious, we used serious music and good acting.
    2. Adults and teenagers interested in rap. Its important to pick an audience because usually kids and adults have different ideas of movies they want to see.
    3. We didn’t really use pacing and time in our video, but we used a lot of really short scenes.
    4. It was difficult finding places that look like Detroit. It was extremely difficult to mimic the trailer.

  12. 1. The mood is kind of mean. The movie we did was mean girls so we had to make everyone seem mean.
    2. Teens. So you know what scenes from the movie to put in the trailer so it will appeal to your ideal audience.
    3. The trailer was very fast paced. We had to cut out a few parts so it would make it seem like they got to places much faster.
    4. Trying to make it as close to the actual trailer as they did. Obviously, we didn’t have all the effects they did and we couldn’t do all the scenes exactly the way they did them in the actual trailer.

  13. rena charneicki | December 11, 2014 at 10:49 am | Reply

    1. The mood of our trailer was happy and funny. We should the action in the video of coming to newyork.
    2.our target audience is anyone who enjoys Christmas movies, or just teenagers and adults and little kids. its important to know what your putting in your video and who you want to target at.
    3.Paceing was a Jonathan’s part in the video. If we didn’t pace things in the right way then the trailer wouldn’t have the same effect on people.
    4. The most difficult part of the shooting and editing phase was putting the right shots and camera angles in the right order of the trailer and using camera angles like in the trailer.

  14. 1. A scary mood. Trying to scare people.
    2.teenagers. To make it more relatable to them.
    3.It made it faster. We made it faster when we were running.
    4. The running around the school. Figuring out the order of the scenes.

  15. 1. Funny. We made the characters say funny stuff
    2. Teenagers
    3. We slowed down the walking some
    4. We couldn’t get everything done on time. It wasn’t too difficult but we had to cut out a few things

  16. 1. Funny, we made the character do funny things.
    2. Teenagers. To make it relate to them.
    3. When we slowed down walking
    4. The acting, and just trying to make it look the same setting

  17. Alex Lauterbach | December 15, 2014 at 9:59 am | Reply

    1.) It was meant to be funny, to make people happy and make them laugh.
    2.) Really anyone who can understand it, but mostly young adults.
    3.) We had to move really quickly from each shot so that it wasn’t slow, and people didn’t feel like it was inching along.
    4.) It was hard to get some of the shots, like the one where the dwarf had to drop kick Buddy. We didn’t have a dwarf and we also didn’t want Jonathan to get injured so we had to modify the trailer.

  18. 1. The mood of this trailer is easy-going and funny. We show it through the humor and light-hearted mood.
    2. The audience is mainly teens and younger people. It’s important to consider the audience because you need to know what to put in the video.
    3. Pacing helped us to stay on task.
    4. The most difficult part was getting the same angles and actions that the original trailer. It was hard to copy the trailer but we tried our best.

  19. Bailey Mayhugh | December 16, 2014 at 8:24 pm | Reply

    1. The mood of the trailer was humor. There was upbeat music and jokes in the script.
    2. Our target audience was anyone who likes a funny movie, but mostly teens and young adults. An audience is important to consider because you need to make your trailer appealing to them.
    3. Pacing affected our trailer because we had to get a lot of different angles and scenes in a short amount of time.
    4. The most difficult part was doing all of the competition scenes, it was very difficult to mock the original trailer

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