Double/Interviews Project – Student Evaluation

Broadcasting I Students:

Please answer the following questions.  Students must answer all questions in complete sentences and use broadcasting vocabulary.  Please use an email address that you currently use.  – Coach Webb

  1. Explain how did you shot the Doubles/Conversation portion of your video. 
  2. Name the camera angles used in your portion of the video. 
  3. What was the most difficult part of shooting the Doubles/Conversation sequence?
  4. What was the most difficult part of editing the Doubles/Conversation sequence?
  5. Describe the most challenging part of the editing phase.
  6. List three things that you could have done to make the video flow better?
  7. What was your favorite video (it doesn’t have to be your own)? Why?
  8. What did you learn from other videos that you can use in your next project?

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2 Comments on "Double/Interviews Project – Student Evaluation"

  1. jenna roberts | March 20, 2015 at 7:45 am | Reply

    1. We cropped two videos together for the “doubles”
    2. We used long shot, close up, different points of view, etc.
    3. Keeping the camera perfect.
    4. The audio was probably the hardest part.
    5. The hardest part was making sure everything was the way it’s suppose to be.
    6. We could have had better video transitions.
    7 & 8. We haven’t watched videos yet.

  2. Nathanael Reagan | March 20, 2015 at 8:29 am | Reply

    1) By filming two different shots with our characters on opposite sides of the screen, we were able to crop them together in post-production.

    2) We used a variety of shots including medium shots, close-ups, long shots, handheld, and pan shots, as well as different others.

    3) The most difficult part was probably framing everything up to where it would crop the best. We turned the grid on the viewfinder and put the outer frame of a door in the center of the grid, that way the shot was even on both sides. It wasn’t too difficult though once we figured out what would work the best.

    4) Originally figuring out how to crop everything, but once we were shown how it was very easy.

    5) It wasn’t difficult, but time-consuming with all the rendering. ;D

    6) We had to film the video 3 different times. We originally wanted to shoot in the auditorium, but wasn’t able to complete in there. Then we went and shot in a conference room, but it turns out none of our audio was usable. After figuring out the boom mic was the cause of that, we decided not to use it the last time. So the 3 reasons would probably be: 1) better audio 2) better location 3) better planning

    7) We haven’t seen the videos yet, but what I’ve seen from people filming, they look really good (probably better than ours)

    8) Even though we haven’t seen them yet, I believe the other videos had more interesting and detailed plots from what I hear.

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