Commercial Project Evaluation – Spring 2015

Broadcasting I Students:

Please answer the following questions.  Students must answer all questions in complete sentences and use broadcasting vocabulary.  Please use an email address that you currently use.  – Coach Webb

  1. What type of product are you producing a commercial for? 
  2. Who is the target audience for your commercial and what type of income do they make? Why are finances important to consider when developing a commercial?
  3. The first phase of constructing commercials for a product is to tell the viewers they have a problem.  The second is to show how the product can solve the problem.  The final phase is to tell the viewer how they can get it.  Describe how you accomplished this with your commercial.
  4. What was the most difficult part of the shooting and editing phase?
  5. What was the most challenging part of the working for other people?
  6. List three things that you could have done to make the video flow better.

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  1. 1) We are doing the Re-Do Button.
    2)We are targeting teens and adults. The type of audience we are targeting are more on the wealthy side of the spectrum, this is important so that you know how to price your idem.
    3)We asked the audience if they ever had a problem like messing up with your girlfriend, or another loved one, or not wanting to wait in a long line. We then explained how the Re-Do button can change the course of history, then we told them to call 1-800-GET-REDO.
    4)I believe that that would be us trying to get the radio commercial coordinated.
    5)The communication was the hardest part.
    6)we could have had a better plan, a better product, or we could have took more shots before editing.

  2. autumn johnson | April 15, 2015 at 7:52 am | Reply

    1. We are producing a commercial for Glee In A Bottle.
    2. The target audience is sad and depressed people that want to be happy again. Finances are important because you need to know your amount of money you started with so you can make a profit.
    3. In the beginning we showed kids being depressed and told them how if they were to drink the Glee In A Bottle they would not be sad and depressed anymore. It showed them drinking it and getting happy.
    4. I would say the group members. Some were too entertained with laughing and videos on their phones.
    5. It was hard for them to shoot the correct camera angles.
    6. We could have used better effects on the video, made the scenes a little different, and used a different location.

  3. Nathanael Reagan | April 15, 2015 at 7:55 am | Reply

    1) The product that we’ve created is called the “Re-Do Button” If you’ve made any sort of mistake, you press the button and it turns back time for you to have a second chance.

    2) Our product is made for everyone, however, with the steep price of $9995.99, I suppose it’s not for some of us po’ southern folk. It’s important to keep finances in mind though when making a commercial because if you market a product that lower to middle-class people need at a price that only those in a higher-class can afford, you won’t make money from your product.

    3) Our commercial was different in that we first introduced the product, then gave examples of how the product would solve the problem, and then telling viewers finally how to purchase one.

    4) The shooting part was pretty easy, however editing the original 60s commercial to 30s and still keeping the information about the product was kinda difficult

    5) When you’re working with people who share the same creativity as you do, it’s super easy to work (to me it seems more like fun than work, though. what a job.)

    6) I think it flowed pretty smoothly, however maybe filming something different for the 30s commercial would’ve made it look a whole lot better

  4. mikaesha montgomery | April 15, 2015 at 8:01 am | Reply

    1.) We are producing the re-do button to help you re-do time.
    2.)Anyone who would like a re-do is our target market .Finances are important because it helps set a budget to our product.
    3.) First, we showed various of situations were an average person would like to re-do. Next with the help of our re-do button we assisted them with every situation. Then, we told them how to receive the product by giving them a number to contact.
    4.) The most difficult part of the shooting phase was to come up with situations an average person would like to do over.
    5.)The most difficult part was working together and making sure every ones idea was heard.
    6.) We could’ve showed more examples, shoot multiple shots so we could’ve various of scenes to pick from, or had various camera angles while shooting.

  5. Gavin Phillips | April 15, 2015 at 8:03 am | Reply

    1. We produced a commercial for the product “Glee in a Bottle.”
    2. The target audience is sad, depressed, and angry people who want to find happiness again. Finances are important, because you need to know the amount of money you start with and the amount of money you end with. You need to know the budget, so you can make a profit.
    3. In the beginning of the commercial, it shows a group of depressed and bored kids. When told that if they were to drink from the “mysterious bottle” – Glee in a Bottle – because it would make them happy again, they drank from it. It showed them dancing around and having fun.
    4. Not the video itself, but getting the right shots. There were a couple group members who made it rather difficult to get all the right shots and audio bits, due to the fact that they were either A. Doing inappropriate things, B. Refusing to do certain scenes/say certain things (that were scripted), and C. Not paying attention to the rest of the group.
    5. Keeping on task while shooting the scenes and recording the audio.
    6. We could have kept it flowing smoothly if (a) certain group member(s) didn’t refuse to say and do a couple of things. If they would have cooperated, we could have had a better looking commercial.

  6. Hunter Mattson | April 15, 2015 at 8:15 am | Reply

    1. We produced a commercial for the product “Glee in a Bottle.”
    2. The target audience is mostly sad, depressed, and overall unhappy people who at least make over minimum wage, you need to know what they make so you can make sure they’re profitable.
    3. In the beginning of the commercial, it shows a group of depressed and bored kids. When they drink from the bottle, it makes them happy again. It then shows them dancing around and having fun.
    4. Editing wasn’t a problem, but the shooting part was a pain due to one person being not compliant.
    5. Keeping everyone on task.
    6. a. easier people.
    b. Less distractions.
    c. More options.

  7. Elly Arrendale | April 16, 2015 at 7:45 am | Reply

    1. The commercial is for the iShoe.
    2. The target audience are teens whose parents make a good, steady income. Finances are important when developing commercials because you need to know how much money your target audience makes.
    3. Our problem was that someone may not be cool, but with the iShoe they are.
    4. It was hard to figure out how to use some of the equipment in the audio room.
    5. The most challenging part was making sure everyone stayed on track.
    6. Three things that could have made the video better were getting a clearer idea on what we were going to need to film, having a better understanding of the audio room, and had a better script for the audio commercial.

  8. Abbey Williams | April 16, 2015 at 7:48 am | Reply

    1. Our product for this commercial is the iShoe.
    2. Our target audience is mainly teens whose parents make a good and steady income. Finances are important when developing commercials because you need to know how much money your target audiences make.
    3. The problem we addressed for our target audience was teens listening to music through tangled headphones. The solution to that problem was the iShoe which works as their own portable speaker that wirelessly connects to their music on their iPhone. Another benefit of having the iShoe is that they can stand out and all the kids will want to be like them with this latest trend.
    4. This commercial overall was pretty easy to make but one thing that was a bit harder was doing the audio and getting it how we wanted it to sound.
    5. Combining everyone’s ideas and making sure that our commercial would catch our target audiences attentions.
    6. Three things that we could’ve done to make our video flow better would be: being more familiar with what to do in the audio room, making the audio flow better, and preparing a better, more detailed script.

  9. Jenna Roberts | April 16, 2015 at 7:58 am | Reply

    1. We used the iShoe as our product, a speaker.
    2. We were targeting teens,with their parents who make a fine amount of money.
    Finances are important because you have to know how much to price the item.
    3. Not being cool enough and troubles with tangled headphones was the problem. We told them you could fix that by getting the iShoe. We had a scene where you had all the prices and where to call or go online to buy it.
    4. Always making sure everything makes sense and flows well together.
    5. Making sure everyone’s ideas were included was hard.
    6. Having practiced our audio voice over with the video, making sure everything was in order, and made sense could help.

  10. 1. Our product is a piece of technology called an iShoe.
    2. Teenagers with wealthy parents. Finances are important because you have to know how much to price the item.
    3. Tangled headphones, solving the problem would be buying the iShoe.
    4. Acting is not fun…
    5. Getting everyone’s ideas in.
    6.More Thought-out shots before we even started shooting

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