WVHS Anchor Club reads to Charleston Kindergartens

WVHS Anchor Club reads to Charleston Kindergartens

Article written by WVHS Freshman Rachel Burgess

WVHS Anchor Club went to Charleston Elementary School and interacted with the students. We played games, read them books and talked with them. This will benefit the kids in school and throughout their future. It will also benefit us for our future jobs.

First, we played games with the kids. The kids loved this because it gave them an opportunity to take a break from school work, but still learn. One of the games we played was a rhyming game. With this game they got to move around and match the clip that rhymes with a picture on a card.

Second, we read them books. This helped the kids learn how to pronounce different words that we read them. This would help expand their vocabulary. Reading to them can also affect the way they write and read.

Lastly, with the kids, we talked to the kids. This let the kids free their minds and build relationships. The kids got to tell us their favorite animals. This can affect their speech skills.

At Charleston Elementary School they have a program called ‘read 20’. This encourages the kids to read twenty minutes a day. Reading twenty minutes can combine all these skills to help the kids.
The trips to Charleston Elementary School can benefit the Anchor Club members by letting us experience working with kids, and teaching jobs. It shows us what obstacles and rewards our teachers have.

Overall, the trips to Charleston Elementary School benefited both the students and the Anchor club members.  By building skills, such as: vocabulary, speech, and building relationships. These trips will sway both the students and Anchor Club member’s future.

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Scott Webb
AV Production Teacher - Walker Valley High School - Cleveland, Tennessee. Host of the WV SportsZone and The Finish Line on Talk 101.3 The Buzz. Scott is married to Jessica, a 3rd Grade teacher at Charleston Elementary, and has two kids: Megan and Tyler (both WVHS graduates). Contact Scott via email - swebb@bradleyschools.org

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