Band Baby on the Way?

By: Aleeseia Lankford Walker Valley Freshman

Donald Benton, one of the band directors of the Walker Valley band is in his 8th year of teaching at Walker Valley. He found his passion for music in his first year of college, which was a big change for Benton because he had gone into college to be an Agricultural Education major. He says he took his first business class and hated it. He thought to himself, ” What am I good at?” He could play tuba and was very good at it, so he decided to switch his major to music and fell in love.

Mr. Benton has taught a total of 10 years. His first two years he taught at McMinn County High School. Out of all the different types of bands he teaches , Mr. Bentons favorite is concert band because,”Less kids, more one on one time with each child.” He enjoys seeing his students excel and learn more and by getting one on one time with each of them he can do just that. Mr. Benton commented that he was very satisfied with this years show. He thinks the band out did themselves and that this years show is going to be very  hard to live up to. He believes that the band will only improve but, sadly, would not give any detail about nest years show.

Benton is married to a lovely woman named Sarah. Sarah is very supportive of is career and the time and energy it takes  to succeed in his field. The Bentons have a toddler named Liam and a little girl on the way who will be named Ava Greene. Baby Ava will be here on march 7th.

Wanting to join band? Benton says he would like for you to have some experience or take private lessons. He states, “Coming into band at the high school level with zero experience is like taking Algebra 2 without ever taking a math class before.” He would not want anyone in a place where they could not handle it.



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