Finding Your Purpose

Story by Jack Essenburg, Walker Valley Freshman

Mrs. Michelle Cole grew up as a very creative girl. She loved subjects like theater and loved the ability to be creative. She also enjoyed the idea of growing up to become a teacher, but her mom said she could grow to do anything but teach, because teachers do not make very much money.

Mrs. Cole attended Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. “This was a big deal because in Orlando the big school to go to was UCF, and I didn’t want to go there at all.” Mrs. Cole’s college choice played a big role in her life.

Mr. Carey, a Humanities teacher at Rollins, inspired Mrs. Cole to become a teacher. Mr. Carey taught Mrs. Cole that, “We should be doing what our purpose is and not necessarily being driven by money, and that was the big moment that I changed my major.”

Since college, Mrs. Cole has taught in Orlando and her heart led her to Walker Valley. Mrs. Cole has always taught English related classes.

Mrs. Cole commented on her favorite thing about teaching at Walker Valley. “I like the students. You guys are very different here. I like the variety of people I get to meet. For the most part you guys are more respectful than what I am used to.”

Mrs. Cole tries to teach her students to find their purposes and to not let anyone get in the way of achieving what they know they are meant to do.

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