Entertainer In The Making!

By Devin Hester, Walker Valley Sophomore

     Mrs. Sandra Cretton, a faculty member at Walker Valley, can be found in the Attendance Office near the STEM Academy. Always very nice and outgoing, she loves to read and go see movies.

     Mrs. Cretton was born and raised in Lexington, KY. Her father was in the Air Force, so she moved a lot. She has also lived in Italy, North Carolina, and Maryland, but she says Cleveland, TN, is where she is meant to be.

     Mrs. Cretton attended three colleges. She went to Lee University and got her undergrad in business, she attended UTC and got her master’s in Special Education, and she attended Lincoln Memorial and got certified in Administration and Supervision, which led her to where she is now. Before working at Walker Valley she worked at Bradley High and taught Business and Special Education, then she came to WVHS in 2001 when the school opened. She taught business at WVHS for six years then got involved in attendance.

     Mrs. Cretton met her husband, Paul, in college. He was afraid to ask her out, so he had a friend do it for him. They have been married for 33 years and have three children. Chris, 31, teaches at Ocoee Middle. He is married to Bonnie and they have a daughter Cora, who is almost two years old, and they are expecting another girl soon. Ryan, 29, lives in Nashville and works at MARS Pet Care. Kristen, 26, is married to Kaleb Morgan. They have Luke, who is 19 months, and are expecting another baby in June.

     Mrs. Cretton’s dream job would be as an entertainer. “But my lack of skill keeps me from it!” she stated. Her husband led her to becoming a teacher. He taught and coached, so being with him caused her to love being around kids.

     Some advice she has for students who are struggling in school is, “Find someone at school you feel comfortable talking with and focus on education more than anything.”

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