Finding His Path to Teaching

Story by Billy Key, Walker Valley Senior

Mr. Craig Long is the Freshman Physical Science teacher in room G201 in the gold hallway. He teaches important fundamentals regarding the Scientific Method, brief history lessons on important scientific figures such as Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, chemical reactions, the Periodic table, and many more topics found in the scientific fields of study.

He is an extremely important teacher of a complicated core class, but he makes it fun and enlightening.  He is responsible for the foundation of the freshman’s first core science class, and because of this, their minds will be sufficiently broadened to better understand the complexity that is science. Mr. Long did not have any desire to be a school teacher at first. However, he did enjoy working with children.

He achieved his undergraduate degree in Pastoral Ministry to become a youth pastor, but he soon realized that ministering was not the career path that he wished to continue on. Since he still desired to be with youth, he began teaching high school freshman about physical science. “Teaching [high school] is way easier than teaching middle school,” Mr. Long stated.  It would ultimately come down to the school giving Mr. Long $100,000 cash to teach middle school for him to do so again.

Leaving Walker Valley is not on Mr. Long’s to-do list.  “I want to keep teaching the kids that come to this school until I retire.” When Mr. Long was in school, his favorite classes were Physical Education and Environmental Science. He said the hardest part of being a freshman teacher is having patience and the easiest part is actually getting up and coming to school because he loves doing it.

His favorite animal is the blue heron, his favorite music is Heavy Metal, and when asked what three things he would buy with the billion dollar Power Ball cash prize, he responded with, “A trip to Hawaii, and a house in Hawaii, and a trip to Japan.” When asked what he wants students to remember about him, he replied, “To spread love instead of hate.”

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