The giver of guidance

Story by Eli Wiles, Walker Valley Freshman

Many things can lead a student to the department of guidance which itself can be a busy and stressful place. Though some people may not think it, the guidance counselors put their hearts and souls into their work. The role of helping students cannot be played, but it must be lived. This is a job for someone named Kathy Lane.

In 1959, in a town called Lafayette, Indiana, Kathy Lane, oldest of three, was born. As she grew up she really did not spend much time in one place because of her father’s job.  She moved around quite a bit, from Indiana to Illinois to Kentucky to Ohio. She finally found herself in a town called Harrodsburg. She says, “That’s where I met my husband.”

She then went on to college to get her undergraduate in Psychology and her Master’s in Education. She explained her choice with, “I knew I would always go into social health in some way.”

When it comes to her current job as a guidance counselor she says, “School counseling became something of interest because it mimicked my children’s school hours.” This is one of the main reasons she chose the job. Since she loves spending time with her children, she needed a job that she could go to when they were at school.

There are other reasons as to why she chose this job too. She says,” I have probably always been a person that listened to others. It’s something that has been a second nature to me.”

Also, she just loves helping young people.” The most wonderful part of this work is where you have a connection; that’s the best part, that’s what’s better than a paycheck.”

Although she enjoys her job with a passion, she says that it is not so fun at times. ” The one part that could be bad or good for people is you don’t know what’s going to come your way,” she explained. Even though sometimes it can be difficult, she still stays strong.

She explained that her end goal is to live in the moment and be fully present in the moment. She also says, ” It’s all about balance and perspective.”

The information she wants to share is, ” Faith is everything, truth is everything, and rather than us being human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey.”



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