Life Outside Of Walker Valley

By: Laura Simmons, Walker Valley Junior

Having and maintaining exceptional attendance at Walker Valley is important to keeping high average grades.

Keeping up with all of the kids takes plenty of work. Kathy Turner is one of the attendance office assistants, and helps keep up with up with all that work, but she also has an interesting and busy life outside of the school.

Kathy owns a monogram store in Cleveland called Monogram Market on top of seeing hundreds of high school students every day, but she really enjoys the environment. Her reason behind the two different types of jobs she explains, “I love just meeting all the kids and getting to everyone at Walker.” She also enjoys any type of personalization whether it be with designing clothing or simply monograming items. She sincerely enjoys both worlds she is a part of.

Mrs. Turner started out at McMinn County High School and continued her education at Cleveland State. Kathy said she very much enjoyed her college experience that led her to being an attendance assistant, and even played on the basketball team while she attended Cleveland State.

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