Technological Advancements With Delbonis

Story by Crystal Ridge, Walker Valley Senior

Mrs. Katie Delbonis came to work at Walker Valley when offered a position working with a five year grant. However, in a few more years the grant will end and she will have to move along within her job. Her desires, whenever this job ends, is to go back into counseling, which she did at Chattanooga Central prior to coming to WV.

Mrs. Delbonis’s job requires a lot of data keeping and technology usage. She is in charge of the program with the iPads, called The Pathways Bradley. The program requires students to sign papers and attend meetings, yet it also enables students to have the chance to learn more about technology. She sometimes also has educational field trips for those in the program.

This job only lasts a few more years before the grant expires, so, sadly, the great opportunities Mrs. Delbonis has helped create will become more distant memories.

Her words of wisdom for others wanting to work at WV are as follows; “Get to know the school and the kids, care about them and the school.” Which makes sense; her passion for kids and caring is obvious. Mrs. Delbonis is a gentle lady who opens many new doors for those in the fields of technology. It is definitely a good idea to seek her out if you are interested in the program she has to offer you.

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