The Benefits of Traveling

Story by Hope Salmond, Walker Valley Freshman

Imagine walking dark, uneven cobble stone streets. You walk through the market where artists have lined the streets to paint an oval amphitheater made out of concrete and sandstone where gladiators fought ’til the death. From there you walk through a little market with fresh food and little restaurants that are cooking food that holds an amazing aroma. You decide to sit down at one of these restaurants and have food that is drool worthy.  This is an average day in Rome, Italy. If you travel you can experience a moment like this in any country. Traveling is vital to your life for many reasons, from your health to just gaining memories that will last a lifetime.

Henry Miller said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” When you travel, you return home and sees things in a different way. Traveling changes your perspective because you realize everything that is taken for granted in your country. For example, over the summer I went to Italy, Greece, and Turkey. It was the most exhilarating experience. The scenery was breathtaking and the history was so fascinating, but what I did not realize was how amazing air conditioners are in America until I left the country for longer than two days. Traveling made me pay attention to the little things that our country is blessed with.

Traveling is also good for your health. It boosts your mood and overall mental health. According to a study conducted by Caitlin Bradford, eighty-six percent of people who travel are happier than and more satisfied with their lives as opposed to seventy-five percent of people who do not travel. It reduces your stress by removing you from your everyday life and letting you escape. Traveling allows you to put aside your daily responsibilities and focus on yourself for a moment. Caitlin Bradford also conducted another study that also linked travel to a lower risk of heart disease.

Last but not least, traveling lets you create memories that will last a lifetime–whether you are going to watch a sunset on a beach or backpacking Europe. With these memories you can improve your relationship with the ones who travel with you.

Traveling is important to your life. It changes your perspective, is good for your health, and improves relationships through memories. No matter where you go you will find that traveling will change your life.

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