The Importance of Art

Story by Ashlyn Woody, Walker Valley Freshman

Mrs. Robin Russell is a fine arts teacher at Walker Valley. She teaches Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, and Art 4 classes.

She has been teaching art classes since 1990 and does not see herself doing anything else. Teaching art classes in high school has inspired her to work on her own talent. Before working with high schoolers, she worked with elementary school kids teaching simple projects and crafty things, basically getting kids started in art.  Mrs. Russell enjoys trying to get across to everyone she teaches the importance of art in life.

In the past, Mrs. Russell attended University of Tennessee and graduated in 1989 with a B. S. in Art Education. After graduating, she briefly became an assistant manager at a toy store. She later started a job for a year at McCracken Jr. High in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Afterwards, she got another job for five years at Corinth Elementary and Alma Elementary in Gaffney, South Carolina. Then, from 1996 to 2007, she got a job as a traveling elementary school art teacher in Lexington, Tennessee. She started her job here in 2007 and is enjoying it.

Overall, she really enjoys teaching those artistic skills and loves painting. Her top priority, as a teacher, is trying to make the lessons fun and enjoyable for everyone while still getting across to her students that art is relevant and necessary in our lives. Seeing the creativity in the pupils is her favorite part about her job. Teaching is her inspiration for her talents.

If she was not able to have this job, Mrs. Russell asserts that she would like to work at a museum or give private art lessons. She is glad she was accepted into this occupation and is excited to continue working here for as long as the school will let her.




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