Helping Those in Need

Story by Aurora Lite, Walker Valley Junior

When working with children who have disabilities, one has to have patience and a caring heart. That is exactly what Wendy Hammer has.

Ms.Hammer is from Jacksonville, Florida. She went to a Christian School and after completing her high school years, she decided to go to FSCJ, or Florida State College at Jacksonville, where she studied to be an elementary school teacher. While she was taking late night classes she also worked full time as a secretary at the college during the day.

After seven years of working at the college, Mrs. Hammer found out she was pregnant with her first son, Branson. So she decided to drop out to become a stay at home mom. Anything he got into, she was involved with too. From being Secretary for the Cub Scouts to helping out at his school, Crystal Spring Elementary, she did it all to help her children.

While being a stay at home mom, she also had a job at the Family Nurturing Center. Her job was to work with parents who were required by the court to have supervised visits with their children. The job, unfortunately, was very draining on her, so she resigned from the job.

Not long after quitting the Family Nurturing Center, Mrs. Hammer moved to Tennessee because of her husband’s work in August of 2010. And in August of 2012, she began working at Walker Valley High School. Her job is to help teachers with students who have IEPs.

While working at WVHS, Mrs. Hammer wanted to go above and beyond with helping students and the community. And that is when she found out about the Junior Civitan Club. A friend of hers worked with the club and had asked her to pray for the club. She was ecstatic about the club and quickly joined.

In time since she began working with Junior Civitan, Mrs. Hammer’s friend who introduced her to the club passed away, so this gives her even more of a reason to keep the group active and growing as a memorial to her friend.

Mrs. Hammer wants everyone to know that Junior Civitan is a club of volunteers who give back to the community. This is a goal of Mrs. Hammer’s even when she is not working. Wendy Hammer is always trying to help those in need.


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