Simply A Game

Story by Crystal Ridge, Walker Valley Senior

Being passionate about something may seem dumb or silly to others. Yet, if you enjoy it then you should not have to worry about what others think. So what exactly is my favorite thing?

My favorite thing is actually a PC game, which many people relate to. My favorite thing is a game called Elsword. A 2-D art game made in 2007,  the game is a side to side scroller.  Within the game, players have the option to play as several characters as follows; Elsword himself, Elesis, Ara, Eve, Raven, Chung, Aisha, Add, or Luciel. Every character then has three different classes to go into later on.

The game follows the group called “Elgang” as they attempt to stop the evils of the world. Fighting different types of evil as they continue through the game, slowly progressing to bigger and worse villains as they go. However, every character has their own desires from their adventures and what they wish to gain from joining the crew.

The game consists of several different play styles.  Player vs. player is one, where you can choose to fight another player online or on a team. You can also choose to race against another team to beat a different team of players’ times for defeating a map or area. If fighting other players or racing each other under stress isn’t your thing, there’s the convenient option of being able to play in player versus environment where you have other players with you as you defeat the bosses to move on in the story.

The current biggest thing to fight is a dragon named “Perkisas,” a huge dragon boss who causes your screen to scroll upwards while assaulting the map making you have to navigate through a maze of jumps and ledges to reach where he is. At a certain point, he stops to rest and that’s your time, as a team of eight players, to try to defeat him. If you don’t, the cycle repeats until he stops again.

Overall the game is unique in play style. Even if it’s not a game you would like to play, it’s worth a glance at least.  The game is free to play and simply requires a PC and internet access to play. With it being free to play, you may at least try the game, decide it’s not for you, and uninstall it. So if your interest has been piqued even a bit, you can simply try it out.

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