A Teacher from the Start

Story by Jack Essenburg, Walker Valley Freshman

Some people find out what they want to do early in their lives, and this was the case for Mrs. Leann Klepzig.

Mrs. Klepzig is from Oxford, Mississippi, and says that growing up she always knew she would become a teacher. “Both of my parents were educators–as well as my mother and my brother-in-law.” Knowing what she was going to do in life gave her an edge in making the right choices to help her reach the goal of becoming a teacher.

She attended Ole Miss, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. While teaching at a 7-12 grade school in Mississippi, Mrs. Klepzig earned enough hours to be able to also teach high school English, so that is how she came to be at Walker Valley.

Mrs. Klepzig feels that her main priority in teaching is to help students to be the best that they can be–as readers, as writers, and as people in general. She wants her students to feel loved in her classroom.

Outside of class, Mrs. Klepzig loves painting and crafting, and she likes to travel. She also loves spending time with her family, as well as watching her kids’ sports activities.  She has been married to her husband, Curt Klepzig, for 23 years and they are raising “four great kids”: Mary(19), Anna(16), John(14), and Ella(9).

Mrs. Klepzig has many great memories made in class, as well as some funny moments. Her favorite memory is the time she had a student return to her saying, “Hey, you made a difference in my life.” In teaching there are great memories like those, but there are also some funny or embarrassing moments. “I have a habit of holding an open Expo marker in my hand–once I marked my face with it by accident.” These are the kind of moments that lead to everlasting memories and are moments that make teaching fun.

Mrs. Klepzig’s parents have been married for 45 years, and both have been great examples in her life. Her husband has been a major influence–he is always encouraging, supporting, and challenging Mrs. Klepzig.

Mrs. Klepzig says that if she could share one thing with the world, she would share the Love of Jesus, and this reflects her personality in a picture-perfect way.

Mrs. Leann Klepzig is a great mom, wife, teacher, and example. Students of Walker Valley love to be around her, and she definitely makes an impact on Walker Valley High School.


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