Everyone Has a Purpose

Story by Eli Wiles, Walker Valley freshman

Jeremy Jones was born on August 22, 1981. He grew up with his parents and his brother. “I’ve grown up here in Cleveland, been here my entire life,” he explained.

Since he grew up in Cleveland, he attended school here as well. He went to high school at Bradley. Throughout high school he did not have being a math teacher in mind as what he wanted to do. At that time his main focus was engineering.

Then, during his college studies, which he took at both Cleveland State then Lee, where he received his Bachelors in Religion. During this time, he discovered he just wanted to spread positivity to groups of people. He was informed by someone that one way to do this was to become a teacher, so he decided to teach math because he enjoyed it.

He taught at Ocoee Middle for seven years. He moved on to teach at Walker Valley because he said he liked the high school environment better.

Even though he does hard work as a teacher, he also has things he does to blow off steam and enjoy himself. When asked about these hobbies he says, “It varies, I like to be outdoors, but I also enjoy video games. He also loves to spend time with his family. He is married and says, “I have a daughter that’s actually a sophomore at Walker Valley.”

As a teacher he says his main goal is “To create a positive influence and give students a different outlook on math.” When asked about the students he’s had in the past he shares, “I hope they are pursuing some type of career they enjoy.”

Mr. Jones just enjoys being around his students. He says he does not have a favorite memory. “There’s a lot,” he explained. “I just enjoy the daily interaction with students,” he says.

He likes being a teacher, but when asked if he were not a teacher what would he be, he says, “If I were not a teacher I’d probably be in full-time ministry, even though I believe teaching is a full-time ministry.”

He has a message he would like to share with others. He says, “I think it’s important for people to realize they have something they can do to contribute, and figuring that out is one of the fun parts about life.”

He hopes all of his students find what they love and do it to make a positive difference.


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