Seek Him, Trust Him

By McKenna Carson, Walker Valley Sophomore

When life throws challenges in your way, you usually look for support in either someone or something else. Holly Black is the secretary to the principal at Walker Valley High School, and when troubles begin stirring up in her life, she relies on the Lord for support and guidance.

Even in a simple conversation with Ms. Black, it is easy to notice how often her Christian beliefs are included in her daily life.

As a strong follower of Christ, she puts “[scriptures] on notecards and claims them and believes them and trusts them.” Her faith is also apparent as she relates the story of how God showed her the way to get her job at Walker Valley. “I do feel called here,” she stated, “and I do love my job.”

It turns out her job has had its difficulties because of negative occurrences. The toughest year she has had was 2007 because her son became very sick. “I had to miss a lot of work,” she explained, “which means somebody else has to pick up the slack…my co-workers…were doing my job a lot of the time.”

When asked what helped her through that time, she depicted how she had “friends that prayed for me, that helped me walk through that.” She went on by adding how she had scriptures posted all over her house to help her and her family also. The final part of her answer was: “…the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me is what really sustained us and walked us through that.”

Another time Ms. Black needed God for support and guidance was during a time her son was going through great rebellion. “It was tortuous what we went through as parents,” she commented,” but God redeemed.” She began talking about seeing the good within the bad and how she knew her son would someday find his way back to tranquility. “I knew my son was saved,” she shared. “I knew with that salvation, he did have the Holy Spirit living in him, so I knew that there was going to be conviction.” And eventually, the darkness became light.

Ms. Black prayed for a Godly image to bring her son back. He was definitely redeemed when God brought that image all the way from England. Nathan Brown, another member of the staff at Walker Valley, ended up living with Ms. Black and her family before he began working at the school. “I would definitely say that Nate was one of the biggest influences,” she said. Now her son is stable and happy after being led back to the light.

Because Ms. Black puts all she can into God, and she feels blessed to be working at Walker Valley. She wants students to feel welcomed and loved. “I hope that students see me as someone they can come to,” she stated. “I do hope I have a positive impact on the kids that come into contact with me.”

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