The Science of good teaching

Story by Billy Key, Walker Valley Senior

Mr.  Craig Ryan is the son of devoted football coach Glenn Ryan and is one of the Physical Science teachers at Walker Valley. He is a well-liked teacher and is so with good reason. Even though he expects the best effort from his students, he is really easy to talk to and to get along with.

Question No. 1: “How are the questions on worksheets, quizzes, and tests harder in Physical Science Honors than in the regular Physical Science?”

Answer: “Honors has more papers like essays and such. They don’t have as many multiple choices and they have more written responses than regular Physical Science.”

Question No. 2: “What is the difference between Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry, or is Physical Science just a melting pot of all these classes?”

Answer: “Biology is the study of life science, living cells, and so on. Chemistry deals, obviously, with chemicals and strictly everything revolving around chemicals. Now, Physical Science is a split between chemistry and Physics.”

Question No. 3:”What has been the hardest part of being a teacher of high school freshman?”

Answer: “I guess the hardest thing for me, personally, is having to deal with the lack of maturity, and that they haven’t adapted to high school life yet.”

Question No. 4: “What was your favorite subject in high school?”

Answer: “My favorite subject had to definitely be Biology. I also majored in Biology in college.” Q-on-Q: “Did you minor in anything?” Answer: “No, I just liked Biology.”

Question No. 5: “What do want kids that graduate to remember about you?”

Answer: “I want the kids to know that I care about them and that my desire as a teacher is not to just give hard assignments for no reason, but to watch them grow intelligently and see them succeed.”


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