She hangs out with her college Professor?

Story by Aleeseia Lankford, Walker Valley Freshman

Emma Barnes has been teaching at Walker Valley for 10 years. She has always known she wanted to be a teacher. She states, “I wanted to be a better teacher than some I had. I knew I could make math easier for all students!”

Mrs. Barnes was born in Norman, Oklahoma. From age 4 she grew up in Knoxville. Mrs. Barnes attended college at Tennessee Wesleyan College and earned her Bachelor of Science in math and an education degree. She then attended Tennessee Tech and get her masters in Instructional Leadership. While at TN Wesleyan she met her biggest inspiration, a professor named Amy Sullins. Professor Sullins and Mrs. Barnes still talk to this day. Barnes says sometimes they get together with a group of friends over lunch and talk about “teacher stuff.”

Mrs. Barnes has a husband named Justin and a one year old daughter named Kendall. She met her husband at TN Wesleyan and they have been married for 6 years. She enjoys being outdoors and helping with Walker Valley’s Color Guard. She loves being around people and traveling. Mrs. Barnes has been to England, Belgium, Germany, and Holland. She attends church at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church.

If Emma Barnes could share anything with the world it would be the ability to communicate efficiently. She states that her main priority in teaching her students is to teach them how to learn and find success! Her favorite memory as a teacher is the  look on her students faces when they have success.

Emma Barnes strives to help students learn and be better people. She loves her job, family, and people in general. She loves the Lord and all that He does. Emma Barnes is someone who can be counted on by students and colleagues alike.

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