Physically Fit

Written by Crystal Ridge, Walker Valley Senior.

Coach Tom Bayliss has been a teacher for over fifteen years now. He states that he always had a special interest and love for physical activity, especially soccer, which is how he ended up teaching physical education. Bayliss states that he had the desire to help kids develop their physical abilities, which is exactly what he does within his class. In his class students do several different activities ranging from simple volleyball games between students to ultimate Frisbee matches.

Bayliss was born in a place called Bradenton in the state of Florida. He stayed there until he was six years old. He and his family then moved to North Carolina. Later on, he began college for his bachelors in physical education. Later, he decided to continue his education, so he has ended up once again in college currently. He attends Ohio University where his goals are to obtain his masters degree in coaching soccer. His aim overall is to become an even more informed soccer coach for the Walker Valley team.

Before his duties at WV, Coach Bayliss is a very big family man. Within his family are three important people who are close to him: his beloved wife, Melanie, whose age he decided (wisely) not to say, a twelve year old son named Isaiah, and a five year old daughter named Izzy. When his time is not consumed by coaching or his own schooling, it is spent with his family. He states that, “I love spending time with my wife and kids. Nothing else I would rather be doing.”

Behind the big coach exterior, there is a soft side, however. When asked what he wants students to remember about him, Mr. Bayliss simply replied that he wishes them to remember that he cared about them. He is not afraid to care for his students and give them advice with life or sports, and he has a desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His funniest mishap at school would have to be every time he ‘wipes out’ in the cycling class, getting a good laugh from himself and from the other students in the class.

Most people simply see Coach Bayliss as the gym teacher they see for an hour or so a day or a coach. Yet, like everybody else, he happens to do other things whenever he gets home–such as working on his own goals and dreams. So whether it’s getting his own masters degree or being in the company of his family, Coach Tom Bayliss is a friendly face who is willing to get to know you and hear you out. What he has to share can range from advice about school or sports to advice about life all around. No matter what, he is ready to hear you out and give you his opinions.

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