Space and Time Project Evaluation – September 2016


Please answer the following questions.  Students must answer all questions in complete sentences.  Please use an email address that you currently use.  – Coach Webb

  1. What time element did you use in your video? Why?
  1. Name a different time method you could have used.
  1. What was the most difficult part of shooting the Space element?
  1. Name a different Space element you could have used.
  1. What was the most challenging part of the editing phase?
  1. List three things that you could have done to make the video flow better?
  1. What was your favorite video (it doesn’t have to be your own)? Why?
  1. What did you learn from other videos that you can use in your next project?

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  1. we used slow motion

  2. we could have used flash back

  3. we did not have a difficult one

  4. Austin Mcintosh | September 21, 2016 at 3:05 pm | Reply

    1.Slow motion its the most pratical
    2.Speeding time up
    3.Just learning how to apply it
    4.Tilting on the wall to make it look as if we’re climbing.
    5.Applying and cutting the films it was easy
    6.More angles, more scenes,and more elements
    7.ours because i actually tried hard to make it
    8.Definitley use more angles

  5. we could have used more direction

  6. trimming the scenes to flow together

  7. Slow motion because we were running to the elevator

  8. more angles
    trimming the scenes better
    more elements

  9. our video was my favorite

  10. 1.) slow Marion. To add a funny effect
    2.) fast motion
    3.) the elevator was really small so there wasn’t much we could do in there
    4.) by make no itnseem that there is more places to go
    5.)messing up at the end because on the topi of the bar and it not getting the rest
    6.)we could have added more angles
    7.) our video
    8.) to use more angles and not stay in one place

  11. make sure we have enough head room

  12. We could have used a flash back

  13. 1.Slow motion
    3.Just learning how to apply it
    4.Tilting on the wall
    5. cutting the films
    6.More angles
    7.i actually tried hard to make it
    8.more angles

  14. 3 Trying to fit all of us in the shot
    4 we could have turned the camera to make the shot look different
    5 figuring out how to put the slow motion to put with the video
    6 better camera angles use fast forward or use a flash forward
    7 I liked our because of the story line
    8 better camera angles

  15. 1:slowmotion
    3:making sure we had enough had room and not to much
    5:getting the titles and music on it
    6:put more angles,used more videos,
    7:my video was my favorite

  16. 1: slow motion
    2:fast motion
    3:The elevator was really cramped
    4: we could have used more directions
    5:sone of the video got cut off
    6:probably could have used more angles
    7:the video
    8:to use more angles and different shots

  17. 1. Slow motion was the best to use for our film.
    2. Speeding time would have been another one.
    3. Just trying to apply it
    4. Tilting on the wall so it would look like we were climbing.
    5. Cutting the films was the easiest part of editing
    6. More angles, a longer video, and more space elements
    7. The Boy because it had more angles.
    8. We needed to use more angles

  18. Maggie Thompson | September 21, 2016 at 3:27 pm | Reply

    1)The time element we used was slow motion because it adds interest to the video and makes it look cool.
    2)We could’ve used the omitting time method.
    3)The space time we used(direction)wasn’t really that difficult to shoot.
    4)A different space element we could’ve used was turning the camera to make the shot look completely different.
    5)The most challenging part of the editing phase was finding the slow motion to put with the video.
    6)Three things we could have done to make our video flow better was shooting the same scene at different times then editing it all together, not using as much free-hand shooting, and doing more angles instead of the same one over and over again.
    7)My favorite video was the “Lunch Rush” one because it had good time elements in it that omitted some of the time through the hallways and things. That made the video look cool and good.
    8)I learned that using different different camera angles is a good thing and that cutting video at different times for the same scene made it better too.

  19. 1) We used slow motion when Kayla punched Shanique. To show that the punch hurt
    2) Fast motion when me and Kayla were fighting in the classroom
    3) Having to get the right angle to make it look real.
    4) Pointing in one direction to go somewhere but it being the total opposite direction.
    5) Deciding on what music to add and where.
    6) Not show me walking to the hall to call, practiced the fighting scenes more and and less credits.
    7) Lunch rush. It was just really funny.
    8) To use more camera angles and shoot one scene more than once.

  20. 1. We used a flashback as a time element.
    2. We could have used slow motion when Gibby ran.
    3. Editing the shots together.
    4. We could have said we were going to lunch.
    5. Making it flow together.
    6. Trim the shots a little bit shorter so we didn’t have parts where he was standing before.
    7. My favorite video was ours because it made me laugh seeing close ups of Gibby.
    8. I learned that we can just say where we need to be and skip a whole scene where we go to it.

  21. We used a flashback to give exposition to set up the story.
    We could of used slow motion of being tripped.
    Making sure the lighting was okay.
    Walking in one door and coming out inside the cafeteria.
    Making sure the shots flowed nicely.
    More camera angles, less background noise, louder dialogue.
    I liked Gibby’s groups the best, it was funny.
    More closeup shots.

  22. 1) We used slow-motion as our time element. We used slow-motion because it emphasized an action we found important.
    2) We also could have used fast-motion.
    3) The most difficult part of shooting the space element was making sure the illusion was not broken.
    4) We could of done a time-jump.
    5) The most difficult part of editing was making sure the audio was in sync with the video.
    6) We could have used more shots, making more title-cards that showed the audience how much time had passed, and we could have made some scenes shorter to make the movie move faster.
    7) The one where Gibby was running to the cafeteria, because it was simple but well executed.
    8) To get more takes of a scene from different angles.

  23. 1) The time element we used in our video was slow motion. When Shan punched Kayla.
    2) Another time motion we could have used was fast motion.
    3) The most difficult part of shooting the space element was making it look realistic.
    4) One space element we could have used was Saying we lived in one place but actually living in another.
    5) The most challenging part of the editing phase was making it run together smoothly.
    6) Some things we could have done to make the video flow better was cutting the scenes a little more.
    7) My favorite video was “Rumor Has It” because it flowed very well.
    8) I learned from other videos that i should crop my videos better.

  24. 1. We used flashback, so we could incorporate in our video something that happened in the past.
    2. We could have used “The Next Day” time cuts.
    3. The most difficult part was figuring out which space element to use in this specfic video.
    4. We could have pretended that we were in a different location. (point to the left but actually go right, etc.)
    5. The most challenging part was chossing what music to use.
    6. We could have used more shots during conversation scenes.
    7. My favorite video was ours, “Rumor Has it” because it flowed and was edited well.
    8. I learned that it is crucial to have a steady storyline/plot.

  25. Chandler Tourigny | September 22, 2016 at 10:47 am | Reply

    1. We used flashback to show why the characters had a bad past.
    2. “The Next Day” would be the other time method we could have used.
    3. Making sure we said the right name of the school.
    4. We could have pointed a direction and pretend it was a certain direction
    5. Finding the right music was very tough to find for this film.
    6. We could have used more angles for the conversation scenes.
    7. Rumor Has It was my favorite because the story line stuck to the point.
    8. Story lines need to stay on topic.

  26. Sabrina Ceballos | September 22, 2016 at 10:52 am | Reply

    1) We used flashback to explain why everyone was mad at each other.
    2) We could have used “The next day”.
    3) The most difficult part was making sure we said the right school.
    4) We could have pointed in one direction and pretended it was a completely different direction.
    5) The most challenging part was finding the right music to put.
    6) 1.We could have put more shots during conversations.
    2.Paying attention to what might be happening in the background so that the video flows well.
    3.Instead of zooming in we could have cut to a close up.
    7) My most favorite part is the slap scene in our movie.
    8)I learned that its important to have a better story line.

  27. 1. We used slow motion in our video. To show the power of the punch in the scene.
    2. We could of used a super fast motion.
    3. The most difficult part was having the exact right angles to make it look more realistic.
    4. One space element we could of used was saying we were in one place but we were really in a completely different place.
    5.The most challenging part was cutting all the shots in the right times to make it flow smoothly
    6. Three things to make the video flow better are Cutting the scenes better, having better dialogue , and putting better music in at better times.
    7. My favorite video was “Rumor Has It” because they did an outstanding job and it all made sense.
    8. I learned that we can come up with better ideas and we need to work on our shots and dialogue.

  28. 1. Our time element was a montage, we used a montage to show the guys training over time.
    2. We could have used flashback to show how the guys were before training as opposed to how they are now
    3. Making the guys look like they are doing push-ups was the most difficult part of the space element
    4. We could have used slow motion during the fight scene.
    5. Balancing volume
    6. We could have used dialogue better, cut instead of zoom, and had story that progressed slower.
    7. “Lunch Rush” was my favorite because it was put together well and was funny.
    8. Not have music so loud so that dialogue can be heard.

  29. 1. the montage it was the easiest
    2. we could make a running scene shorter
    3. we literally turned the camera
    4. location element
    5. the audio
    6. cut more of the video,audio louder,and more camera angles
    7. youtube fishing/vloging I like it because it is educational and funny
    8. more camera angles


  31. 1.) Slow motion.
    2.)Omitting time.
    3.)Trying to fit all of us in the shots.
    4.)We could’ve used more camera angles.
    5.)I was absent during the editing.
    6.)More camera angles, better transitions, not as much free hand shooting.
    7.)I was absent during all the videos.
    8.)I didn’t get to see the other videos.

  32. 1.) We used slow motion to make the scene more dramatic.
    2.) Omitting time
    3.) I think trying to figure out how I wanted the confrontation with myself to go down was the hardest part.
    4.) We could have made it seem like we were in a different place.
    5.) The hardest part was deciding what to do with the audio.
    6.) We needed more shots of walking to help the viewer understand where the character was. We could’ve made the cuts from one shot to another smoother by manipulating the audio. We could’ve picked a better place to film because it was hard to film in a lot of the locations we chose.
    7.) My favorite video was ours because I feel like we did a good job with what we had. My partner was sick for most of the filming period so I had to change the story.
    8.) We needed more shots from multiple angles.

  33. Quentin Powell | October 7, 2016 at 10:11 am | Reply

    1 we used a montage, to show training
    2 slow motion to show better training
    3 turning the camera so it doesn’t make noise
    4 saying we are somewhere else
    5 getting everything to snap together
    6 better dialogue, better time element, better camera angles
    7 Rumor has it, it had the best dialogue
    8 use better dialogue

  34. 1 We did a montage, to show us training
    2 slow motion to show us training better
    3 The camera was making noise
    4 we could say we where inside a wii
    5 montage
    6 better dialogue, better camera angles, more time elements
    8 Use better dialogue

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